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The College of Natural Sciences and the University award a multitude of scholarships to CNS students each year. The College looks at a variety of factors when making scholarship decisions. Scholarship decisions are based on items such as but not limited to merit, leadership and/or need. Since scholarship funding comes from various sources, criteria used to make scholarship selections can vary too.

By accurately filling out the appropriate forms based on your enrollment or application status, you will be considered for a variety of college- and university-administered scholarships.

Students interested in learning about the various opportunities for research funding in the College should visit the Research Funding page. Prospective donors interested in supporting our students should visit the College Giving site.


Prospective CNS Freshmen

All prospective CNS freshmen who have been admitted into the College of Natural Sciences and who have selected CNS as their first choice major will be considered for scholarships awarded by the College of Natural Sciences. There is not a separate scholarship application for CNS awards. The College of Natural Sciences typically notifies prospective students of their CNS award via U.S. mail throughout the month of March. Only students who have received a CNS scholarship will be notified of their status. 

Please see the CNS Scholarship FAQs sheet for more information on CNS scholarships available to incoming freshmen.


Current CNS Students

 Current CNS Students - Apply for CNS Scholarships Now!

Deadline: March 15, 2018

The 2018-2019 College of Natural Sciences Common Scholarship Application for college-level scholarships, Health Professions scholarships and Out-of-State Tuition Waivers is now available. Current CNS students may access the online application at Be sure to carefully read the instructions before submitting an application.

Please note - the deadline to submit the online application is March 15, 2018.   Late applications will not be considered. If you opt to have letters submitted on your behalf, they must also meet the March 15 deadline. Recommenders will not be able to submit their letters until your application has been submitted.   Therefore, students wishing to have letters submitted on their behalf must complete and submit the application before the March 15 deadline. Keep in mind that letters of recommendation are optional.

Application Tips:

  1. Be sure to carefully read the instructions before beginning and submitting your application.
  2. Scholarships are not awarded on a rolling basis. Don’t rush to be the first to submit your application. Instead, be sure to take your time to carefully answer each question and craft your essay response. Please proofread your answers and essays before submitting.      
  3. Letter writers will receive an email with instructions and a link as to where they should submit letters only after the application has actually been submitted.   Please give your letter writers plenty of time and advance notice to submit your letters.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Adrianne Chacon-Posey at