The Office of Graduate Education in the College of Natural Sciences, under the leadership of Associate Dean Dan Knopf, provides support for graduate students throughout the college. Graduate education is an integral part of the college’s strategic goals to prepare the next generation of scientists, develop leaders, promote innovation, and strengthen state, national, and global communities. Graduate students play vital roles in the discovery of new knowledge and in helping our undergraduates share in those discoveries — making graduate students crucial to the College's research and teaching mission.

Dr. Knopf is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics. Read more about his research here.

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Dan Knopf
Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Professor

Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry, Geometric PDE
Ku, Po-Tsan
Po-Tsan Ku
Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Career Development Specialist

Strengths: Learner, Achiever, Discipline, Intellection, and Deliberative
Tibbetts, Anne
Anne Tibbetts
Director for Postgraduate Education