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Improved Method for Estimating the Hubble Constant with Gravitational Waves

There’s a big debate in cosmology about how fast the universe is currently expanding.

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Natural Sciences Undergraduates Honored for Excellence with Mitchell Awards

Josíah Garza, Anirudh Sudarshan, Lars Deutz and Nirmal Patel are 2024 UT Co-op George H. Mitchell Award Recipients.

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Celebrating the 2024 College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduates

Meet the graduating seniors being recognized for excellence in research, academics and improving the community.

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11 Faculty Members Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Jaquelin Dudley, Kristen Grauman, Arlen Johnson, Daniel Leahy, Xiaoqin “Elaine” Li and Tanya Paull receive major honor from AAAS.

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Is Cosmology in Crisis?

A panel of physicists and astronomers grapple with possible cracks in our modern creation myth, the standard model of cosmology.

A dramatic spiral galaxy with orange and red arms and a light blue center

Weinberg Institute

Postcards from the Field: First Light for a New High-Desert Telescope

High in a Chilean desert, scientists at the Simons Observatory probe the cosmic microwave background for clues about the history of the early universe.

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New Advanced Quantum Science Institute Will Bridge Basic Research and Applied Science

Elaine Li and Xiuling Li will co-direct the new Texas Quantum Institute.

Illustration shows how atom-thin materials enable control of individual photons of light

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What Can A Total Solar Eclipse Teach Us About Our Universe?

Astrophysicists and astronomers at UT Austin have used these rare phenomena to help answer fundamental questions about our universe.

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Top Prize Image in Visualizing Science Contest Captures Research Tied to the Sun

Ph.D. student Maile Marriott’s submission illustrates the complexities of the “space weather” generated by our sun.

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Semiconductor Master’s Program Will Offer Hands-on Experience in Rapidly Growing Industry

The new program will help fill the demand for semiconductor scientists and engineers and give students a chance to lead in a booming industry.

A gloved hand uses a tool resembling tweezers to manipulate a tiny item in a well equipped lab.