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With New Grant, Physicist Explores Using Sound to Transmit Data in Quantum Computers

UT Austin’s Keji Lai has received a Moore Foundation award reserved for the country’s top experimental physicists.

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New Materials That Could Transform Our Lives Are in the Works at UT Austin

The Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials received new funding for materials research from the National Science Foundation.

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James Webb Telescope Catches Glimpse of Possible First-Ever ‘Dark Stars’

Stars powered with dark matter still need proving but could reveal clues about the nature of one of the universe’s great mysteries.

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UT Austin Ranks among Top U.S. Universities in Nature Index

Among U.S. universities, UT ranks 17th in natural sciences, 8th in physical sciences and 7th in chemistry.

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Scientists use Exotic Stars to Tune into Hum from Cosmic Symphony

A team of astrophysicists has found evidence for gravitational waves that oscillate with periods of years to decades.

An illustration depicts colliding black holes causing waves in spacetime


Graduate Student Selected for DOE Research Program at Sandia National Lab

Adam Christensen will work to refine performance limitations in computing systems.

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U.S. News Ranks UT Austin Among Best in U.S. for Graduate Studies

The 2023-2024 rankings have updated information for computer science, math, physics and chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. All have top-10 ranked specialties...

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Two UT Austin Students Selected for Goldwater Scholarships

Both Kevin Wen and Maanas Gupta received mentoring and support from College of Natural Sciences faculty.

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NSF Awards Graduate Research Fellowships to 23 UT Natural Sciences Students

Dozens of graduate and undergraduate students of UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences were honored this year by the National Science Foundation.

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New Simulation Reveals Secrets of Exotic Form of Electrons called Polarons

Feliciano Giustino leads effort to turn computational predictions into new materials.

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