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New Simulation Reveals Secrets of Exotic Form of Electrons called Polarons

Feliciano Giustino leads effort to turn computational predictions into new materials

Illustration of atoms in a two dimensional material


Three CNS Faculty Awarded President’s Associates Teaching Awards

Three CNS recipients are being recognized for their engagement with curriculum reform and educational innovation.

Markert, Mauk and Bruner


Remembering High-Energy Physicist Roy Schwitters

Roy Schwitters, a world-renowned experimental high-energy physicist and emeritus professor, passed away earlier this month.

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Inspired by Biology, Physicists Make More Efficient Motors

Learn about how UT Austin physicists are using human muscles to design more efficiently designed robots.

A motor with an orange longhorn logo

Oden Institute News

James Chelikowsky Wins Feynman Prize

Chelikowsky, Director of the Center for Computational Materials at the Oden Institute, received the 2022 Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for Theory.

A man in a suit and glasses stands in front of a glass-paned wall


Department of Energy Selects Timothy Liao for Graduate Student Research Program

UT Austin's Timothy Liao has been selected to participate in a research program where he will develop computational tools for material design and discovery.

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Seven Natural Sciences Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards

Learn about faculty members from UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences who have been awarded CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation.

Headshots of 7 faculty members


Visualizing Science 2022: Illuminating the Intrinsic Beauty in Academic Research

The winners of our most recent Visualizing Science contest include an image related to “smart” material research, simulations of a meeting between a neutron star...

A scientific illustration in micron pen and watercolor of a Molly miller blenny (Scartella cristata) surrounded by Dictyota sp. and Caulerpa racemosa algae.


Steven Weinberg’s Test of Quantum Mechanics Might Soon Be Realized

Experimental physicist Mark Raizen found himself intrigued by the unrealized potential of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg's paper.

Glowing laser beams in red, yellow and green criss-cross an atomic clock


UT Austin Leads in New Summary of Top “Degrees of the Future”

A new report releases what the nation’s best degrees of the future are.

Photo of the UT Tower lit burnt orange with windows lit to form the number "1"