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Fields Medal Recognition Linked to Work at UT Austin

Former UT Austin professor Alessio Figalli, one of four 2018 Fields Medal winners announced today, works in an area of mathematical analysis known as optimal transport.

Fields Medal against a surface

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Caffarelli Receives 2018 Shaw Prize in Mathematics

This is the first Shaw Prize awarded to a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin since its inception in 2002.

Luis Caffarelli.


Vital Statistics: The Potential of Math to Advance Medicine

Experts say joining the mathematical and computational revolution has the potential to transform healthcare, one of our nation's largest and most critical industries.

Illustration of a woman in a hospital gown sitting on a table with medical data in the background


Visualizing Science 2017: Finding the Hidden Beauty in College Research

Five years ago the College of Natural Sciences began an annual tradition called Visualizing Science with the intent of finding the inherent beauty hidden within...

This image shows the turbulent gas structures in a three-dimensional, multi-physics supercomputer simulation during the formation of such massive clusters, with the red-to-violet rainbow spectrum representing gas at high-to-low densities.


Alumnus Helped Usher in Age of Personal Computing and Guide Lunar Astronauts Home

Bob O'Rear said his time in graduate school on the Forty Acres made a huge mark on his career for introducing him to astrophysics and...

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Meet Six Incredible Women from UT Austin Science History

From the first woman mathematician inducted into the National Academy of Science to an astronomer who helped us understand how galaxies evolve, the women of...

Illustration of the six women in the article by Jenna Luecke.


Charles Fraser Mends Little Hearts

Charles Fraiser, former Surgeon-in-Chief at Texas Children's Hopital in Houston, now works at UT Austin's Dell Medical School and talks about his career.

A young boy looks at a mechanical heart pump, as a doctor in white coat watches


Three Members of Natural Sciences Recognized for Teaching Excellence

The honor rewards excellence in teaching by recognizing tenured faculty members who have continuously provided significant contributions to education throughout their career, especially at the...

Volker Bromm, Philip Uri Treisman and Lorenzo Alvisi


Visualizing Science 2015: Beautiful Images From College Research

As part of a continuing tradition, we invited faculty, staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences community to send us images this past...

A map of DNA fragments sequenced from the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. The dead zone is an area of low oxygen in the Gulf. Each square is a different DNA fragment from the water. The colored groupings—based on similar DNA sequence composition—represent genomes of newly discovered species that are important to the ecosystem.