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Remembering Eminent UT Austin Mathematician John Tate

John Tate, who won the world’s top prize in mathematics and taught for nearly 20 years at The University of Texas at Austin where he...

Mathematician John Tate in front of a blackboard with equations


5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Four Years of Undergrad Research

We asked graduating seniors from across the college to share their best tips for research success.

Three students in blue lab coats and goggles gather around a computer screen


Natural Science Students and Faculty Win Graduate School Awards

Two graduate students and one faculty member were 2019 winners of professional and student awards from UT’s Graduate School.

Lisa Piccirillo, Yang Huo and Aprile Benner


Ten Students Receive Prestigious Federal Graduate Research Awards

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have awarded prestigious graduate research awards to 48 University of Texas at Austin...

Stephanie Valenzuela, Thao Thanh Thi Nguyen, Logan Pearce, Caitlyn McCafferty, Taha Dawoodbhoy, Ian Rambo, Hadiqa Zafar, Zoe Boundy-Singer, Griffin Glenn and Ariel Barr.

The Texas Scientist

Imaging, Reimagined

Rachel Ward is exploring ways to produce faithful high-resolution MRI images more quickly and at a lower cost with the help of artificial intelligence.

In a traditional MRI image (left), each pixel represents a type of tissue.

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Mathematics’ Highest Prize Awarded to UT Austin’s Karen Uhlenbeck

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has named Karen Uhlenbeck its 2019 Abel Prize award winner.

Dr. Uhlenbeck this week at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where she is a current Visitor in the School of Mathematics.


UT Scientists, Mathematicians and High Schoolers Partner for Success

Gold medalists in an astrophysics Olympic-style event, award-winners at a statewide science fair and budding genetic engineers who shared their research 2,000 miles away are...

The USA Team in Beijing. From left to right: Ioana Zelko (Team Leader), Sahil Pontula, Vincent Brian, David Yue (also a Texan), Andy Zhu, Texan and gold medalist Joseph McCarty, April Cheng and UT Austin graduate student Nastasa Dragovic (Team Leader). Photo from the USAAAO.


CNS Welcomes New Faculty As Fall Semester Begins

Seal of the University of Texas at Austin with a burnt orange filter on the image


Fields Medal Recognition Linked to Work at UT Austin

Former UT Austin professor Alessio Figalli, one of four 2018 Fields Medal winners announced today, works in an area of mathematical analysis known as optimal transport.

Fields Medal against a surface

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Caffarelli Receives 2018 Shaw Prize in Mathematics

This is the first Shaw Prize awarded to a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin since its inception in 2002.

Luis Caffarelli.