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The Pre-Health Professions Certificate provides an opportunity for College of Natural Sciences (CNS) majors to augment their science experience with complementary health-related courses while earning a transcripted certificate. 

The Certificate for CNS majors is 18 hours comprised of several health-related themes and supplemental science courses. Students must complete a minimum of 9 hours (and may complete a maximum of 18 hours) of theme courses. The themes are mix-and-match, you do not need to focus in one theme, though if you are able to secure enough courses to specialize in one theme you are welcome to do so. For students completing fewer than 18 hours of theme courses please see the supplemental science courses at the bottom of this page.

Students may apply no more than 9 hours from the optional science/statistics course list toward the certificate requirements.

All coursework must be completed with a C- or better and at least 9 hours of the coursework must be completed in residence at UT Austin. Credit by exam hours can be applied toward the certificate if the credit is for a specific course listed as a course option for the certificate.

Students may also apply for the certificate within one year after they graduate. A maximum of 9 hours may be taken after earning an undergraduate degree. 

Non-Degree Seeking Students: You may apply to the Pre-Health Professions Certificate by following the admissions procedures and certificate requirements outlined on the "Major in Another College at UT" page under the 2014-2016 catalog tab. Be mindful that students who have already earned an Undergraduate degree either from another instituion or more than 1 year ago from UT Austin, are NOT eligible to earn the Pre-Health Professions Certificate.

Note: If you are pursuing a degree from an earlier catalog than 2014 – 2016, please follow the requirements in the 2014-2016 catalog. If you are unsure of what catalog you are under, please refer to our FAQ's.

2018-2020 / 2020-2022 Catalogs

An application for admission is required in order to pursue the Pre-Health Professions certificate.


After the 8th class day, credentials will become official in the next semester.  





Please contact our email address with any questions:  hpcert@austin.utexas.edu.

Students: Always include your UT EID in your messages. 


BSA Students: Please note that coursework undertaken for certificates may overlap with the Core curriculum, flags, Language Arts & Culture and Honors coursework.

Overlap is allowed between major coursework and certificate requirements. However, at least one course should come from outside of major coursework.

* Denotes the flag(s) carried by a particular course. Flag designations are subject to change. Always check the current course schedule for the most up to date flag information for a course.

To review requirements and track your progress download the complete certificate checklist for science majors


When you complete the credential requirements:

Please note: Applications are reviewed at the end of your graduating semester and transcription can take up to six weeks after the semester ends to process.  

If it is determined you have met the requirements your certificate will be transcripted and you will be able to see it on your official transcript within a couple of months of graduation.




Please note: Additional upper-division coursework in biochemistry, biology and chemistry may apply with approval of the undergraduate certificate advisor