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New Advanced Quantum Science Institute Will Bridge Basic Research and Applied Science

Elaine Li and Xiuling Li will co-direct the new Texas Quantum Institute.

Illustration shows how atom-thin materials enable control of individual photons of light

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Semiconductor Master’s Program Will Offer Hands-on Experience in Rapidly Growing Industry

The new program will help fill the demand for semiconductor scientists and engineers and give students a chance to lead in a booming industry.

A gloved hand uses a tool resembling tweezers to manipulate a tiny item in a well equipped lab.


Researchers Discover New Ways to Excite Spin Waves with Extreme Infrared Light

New ultrafast method for controlling magnetic materials might enable next-generation information processing technologies.

Two red waves enter a crystal from the left and on the other side, a blue and green wave emerge, each with a different wavelength


Department of Energy Selects Timothy Liao for Graduate Student Research Program

UT Austin's Timothy Liao has been selected to participate in a research program where he will develop computational tools for material design and discovery.

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New Phononic Crystal Might Enable Better Mobile Communications

UT Austin researchers' new acoustic component, made of aluminum nitride and configured into periodic phononic crystals, allows engineers to direct high frequency elastic waves along...

Light colored pattern on a dark orange background. A path zigs from the right to left like a backward letter Z.


Zak Page Named a 2022 Cottrell Scholar

For Zachariah Page's research in materials chemistry, he has been selected as a 2022 Cottrell Scholar.

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Sodium-based Material Yields Stable Alternative to Lithium-ion Batteries

A new sodium-based battery material is highly stable, capable of recharging as quickly as a lithium-ion battery and might deliver more energy than current battery...

Microscope images of the surface of two materials, one with noodle-like lumps and the other much smoother


Honoring the Life of Marye Anne Fox, Former VP for Research at UT Austin

Marye Anne Fox’s work has had applications in materials science, solar energy and environmental chemistry.

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3D Printing with Visible Light Gets a Speed Boost

A team of University of Texas at Austin researchers led by chemistry assistant professor Zachariah Page demonstrated a fast and precise way to 3D print...

3D printed objects made (from left) with blue, green and red light. Photo courtesy Lynn Stevens.


Tiny Insects Provide Inspiration for New Biomaterials

They may be tiny, but leafhoppers have a super power: they secrete a substance that makes their bodies water-repellant and anti-reflective.

Oncometopia hamiltoni leafhopper insect