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Transitioning Gender Identities Is Not Linked With Depression

A landmark longitudinal study of LGBTQ+ youths has found that transitioning gender identities is not associated with depression.

Five teenaged boys and girls stand in a row with their arms around each others' shoulders laughing and smiling.

Whole Communities — Whole Health

Faculty Collaborations Awarded 'Fast Track to Impact' Support

Human Development and Family Sciences faculty are leading research in a campus-wide Bridging Barriers initiative.

A child's sense of neighborhood cohesion could impact their cognitive health later in life.


Graduating Former President of Natural Sciences Council Reflects on Public Health at UT

A Longhorn EMT and honored graduate, Arvind Subramanian looks back on lessons from his Texas Science major.

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Celebrating the 2024 College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduates

Meet the graduating seniors being recognized for excellence in research, academics and improving the community.

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Better Sleep Can Reduce Worry and Rumination in Older Adults

People’s perceptions of their sleep also proves to have stronger associations with their worry and rumination than objective sleep quality monitored with a device.

Older man sitting in dark room with hand on back of neck looking tired.


Fashion Meets Science in New Exhibition at Texas Science & Natural History Museum

A new exhibition features plant-based compostable materials for use in the fashion industry.

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First Recognition of Self in the Mirror Is Spurred by Touch

New evidence reveals that young children learn self-awareness through experiences of touch.

A toddler gazes at herself in the mirror and smiles.


Scientists Uncover Technique to Cut Off Cancer’s Fuel Supply

The discovery could lead to better treatments for acute myeloid leukemia in vulnerable populations.

Two dark cancer cells surrounded by red blood cells


Nuance Needed Regarding Weight-Gain Recommendations During Pregnancy

Patients with obesity while pregnant may receive recommendations from their doctors that need revisiting, researchers say.

A pregnant person, left, speaks with a doctor, right, while she points at a clipboard.


Caregiving Can Be Stressful, But It Could Also Lower Risk of Depression

Becoming a caregiver to an older relative can decrease risk of depression.

An elderly woman, right, is embraced by a younger woman, left.