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Transitioning Gender Identities Is Not Linked With Depression

A landmark longitudinal study of LGBTQ+ youths has found that transitioning gender identities is not associated with depression.

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Whole Communities — Whole Health

Faculty Collaborations Awarded 'Fast Track to Impact' Support

Human Development and Family Sciences faculty are leading research in a campus-wide Bridging Barriers initiative.

A child's sense of neighborhood cohesion could impact their cognitive health later in life.


Celebrating the 2024 College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduates

Meet the graduating seniors being recognized for excellence in research, academics and improving the community.

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Better Sleep Can Reduce Worry and Rumination in Older Adults

People’s perceptions of their sleep also proves to have stronger associations with their worry and rumination than objective sleep quality monitored with a device.

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First Recognition of Self in the Mirror Is Spurred by Touch

New evidence reveals that young children learn self-awareness through experiences of touch.

A toddler gazes at herself in the mirror and smiles.


Caregiving Can Be Stressful, But It Could Also Lower Risk of Depression

Becoming a caregiver to an older relative can decrease risk of depression.

An elderly woman, right, is embraced by a younger woman, left.


The Neighborhood You Grow Up in May Impact Your Cognitive Health Decades Later

Jean Choi, Elizabeth Muñoz and collaborators identified associations between neighborhood cohesion and cognitive health.

A child's sense of neighborhood cohesion could impact their cognitive health later in life.


Five Lessons from UT Austin Science about Planning for Living with Heat

In our endless summer, research on heat impacts offers insights on how best to adapt.

CNS Scientists have been applying their research in ways that will help communities respond to heat.


Williamson and York Receive Fulbright Awards

The  Fulbright Program is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program.

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Depression in LGBTQ Youth Linked with Lack of Parental Support, Controlling Behavior

The study also found whether a young person was out to their parents mattered.

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