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McDonald Observatory

UT Astronomy Graduate Student Receives Fellowship to Study Exoplanets

The Heising-Simons Foundation has awarded Quang Tran, Ph.D. candidate in UT astronomy, one of its eight prestigious 51 Pegasi b Fellowships.

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Top Prize Image in Visualizing Science Contest Captures Research Tied to the Sun

Ph.D. student Maile Marriott’s submission illustrates the complexities of the “space weather” generated by our sun.

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UT News

The Sun’s Corona: A Boiling Pot On An Ice Cube

Jarrod Bianco and Maile Marriott, two graduate students working with physicist Anna Tenerani, talk heliophysics.

A dark line intersects with rings of color and blackness as a light emenates out.


Vital Seagrasses in Gulf of Mexico Are Retreating Amid Rapid Sea Level Rise

At the Gulf Coast, rising sea levels are linked to a loss of valuable seagrass habitats in Texas, new research has found.

Two scientists stand in shin-deep coastal waters peering into a box at a sample


Inaugural Class of AI Master’s Students Tackle a Transformative Moment in Tech

The University of Texas at Austin has welcomed its first cohort of students in the new, affordable, online artificial intelligence graduate degree program.

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Nuance Needed Regarding Weight-Gain Recommendations During Pregnancy

Patients with obesity while pregnant may receive recommendations from their doctors that need revisiting, researchers say.

A pregnant person, left, speaks with a doctor, right, while she points at a clipboard.

UT News

Students and Faculty Parade Their Robots Through Campus

Texas Robotics held its inaugural Robot Parade, and members of various research labs and student groups showcased their work.

Several students and researchers in Texas Robotics t-shirts and holding controllers accompany a variety of robots walking and rolling down Speedway


The Neighborhood You Grow Up in May Impact Your Cognitive Health Decades Later

Jean Choi, Elizabeth Muñoz and collaborators identified associations between neighborhood cohesion and cognitive health.

A child's sense of neighborhood cohesion could impact their cognitive health later in life.


Williamson and York Receive Fulbright Awards

The  Fulbright Program is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program.

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Nexus Point: Andrew Koepp

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