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Hobby-Eberly Telescope Reveals Galaxy Gold Mine in First Large Survey

Astronomers have barely scratched the surface of mapping the nearly endless stars and galaxies of the heavens.

The Hobby-Eberly Telescope is lit from within at dusk as clouds loom in the background


Inspired by Biology, Physicists Make More Efficient Motors

Learn about how UT Austin physicists are using human muscles to design more efficiently designed robots.

A motor with an orange longhorn logo


Postdoctoral Fellow Receives Inaugural NAS Science Communication Award

Arianna Long of UT Austin has been recognized for her communication of research on the evolution of the universe.

Portrait of a woman


Department of Energy Selects Timothy Liao for Graduate Student Research Program

UT Austin's Timothy Liao has been selected to participate in a research program where he will develop computational tools for material design and discovery.

Portrait of a young man


Visualizing Science 2022: Illuminating the Intrinsic Beauty in Academic Research

The winners of our most recent Visualizing Science contest include an image related to “smart” material research, simulations of a meeting between a neutron star...

A scientific illustration in micron pen and watercolor of a Molly miller blenny (Scartella cristata) surrounded by Dictyota sp. and Caulerpa racemosa algae.


Adding Predictability to the Carbon Market

Salt marshes are a hot but unpredictable commodity in the carbon market.

A salt marsh seen from an aerial view on a clear day with a boat in the foreground

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Virus Discovery Offers Clues About Origins of Complex Life

The first discovery of viruses infecting a group of microbes that may include the ancestors of all complex life has been found.

Illustration of the inside of a biological cell


New Gravitational Wave Catalog Reveals Black Holes of ‘All Shapes and Sizes’

In a paper published Nov. 7th on the preprint server ArXiv, the team has detected a further 35 gravitational wave events since the last catalog release in...

Chart showing masses of more than 100 black holes and neutron stars detected by gravitational waves


New Model Reveals How Chromosomes Get Packed Up

The first theoretical model of condensin, a molecular machine involved in packing and unpacking chromosomes, accurately reproduces all known experiments with just two parameters.

Illustrations of a molecule in two states, open and closed


Grad Students at Forefront of Efforts to Create Belonging in Science

Learn about how UT Austin's College of Natural Science is working to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

A swirl of colors