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Addiction Studies »

 “In my proposed interdisciplinary minor I plan to examine the way substance abuse affects the user chemically and psychologically, and the different communities around the users…”

Biology of Consciousness »

 “…I wish to examine how conscious and subconscious psychological and neurological processes shape who we are in our self-perception, and how we perceive the world around us, ultimately culminating in the phenomenal consciousness…”

Biotechnology »

 “There are a great many ideas yet to be explored in biotechnology, and an even greater number still to be dreamt up. The promises held in these ideas are far too important to go unrealized…”

Climate Change and Human Health »

 “In my proposed topic, I wish to study how both the present and future consequences of climate change affect the health of the human population…”

Communication within Interpersonal Relationships »

 “I will study the various ways in which couples communicate and the effects of those communications, both face-to-face and computer-mediated. Particularly, I want to explore the effect of non-verbal communication within interpersonal relationships of both same and cross-cultural couples, and how these small, often overlooked gestures affect relationships…”

Consciousness Studies »

 “Consciousness Studies [is] a multifaceted field that is dedicated to improving our understanding of the nature, function, and fundamental mechanisms of consciousness through a blend of disciplines, most commonly neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and artificial intelligence…”

Cultural Values and Political Structures in Western Democracies »

 “…I will examine the relationship between the American political structure and cultural values in America. I will also compare America’s political structure and cultural values with those of other democratic countries in the west, such as Sweden and Great Britain…”

Culture, Communication, and Ethics in Healthcare »

 “…I will study how cultural beliefs and perspectives, provider-patient interactions, and ethical considerations are becoming increasingly important in healthcare…”

Digital Media and Marine Biology »

 “In my interdisciplinary minor, I propose to examine how the use of videography and photography enable marine biologists and other scientists to make knowledgeable observations…”

Education in Areas of Crisis »

 “…By areas of crisis I refer to both American areas with high levels of disadvantaged students and to low income nations in political or economic crisis. My particular interest is in how best to meet the educational requirements of a new nation emerging from crisis and how to best address those needs in a culturally sensitive and supportive manner…”

Ethnomusicology »

 “Music is a vital source for examining the history and evolution of a region or ethnic group. By studying a people’s or place’s musical history, one can create a timeline of cultural changes based solely on the popularity of musical styles and reoccurring themes in the text of the songs…”

Evolutionary Psychology »

 “…I plan to examine the subject in the context of neuroanatomy, neurobiology, and anthropology, and want to investigate how the evolved psychological mechanisms of humans have developed through natural selection…”

Global Healthcare »

 “Broadly, those who are working to improve global healthcare fall into two camps: those who believe that medical intervention needs to be expanded in developing countries and those who believe that the dominant mode of intervention is often inappropriate in developed countries…”

Globalization of AIDS »

 “My proposed topic will examine how the interactions and integration among cultures and global institutions, or globalization, directly affects how the AIDS/HIV epidemic is perceived and addressed across the globe…”

Health Care in America »

 “I propose to study the success and effectiveness of the United States’ current health care system starting with health care spending and then the satisfaction of American citizens with the status quo…”

Hospitality and Event Promotion »

 “In my proposed topic, I will study the skills needed to successfully plan and promote an event. This topic will incorporate organizational, leadership, communication, and marketing skills, all of which are necessary for a job in the hospitality field…”

Language and Consciousness »

 “In my field of study, ‘I Speak, Therefore, I Think: Language and Consciousness,’ I propose to examine how language affects cognition, specifically thought and perception…”

Memory and the Self »

 “In my proposed topic of study, I want to address the intersection of what we know about the formation and development of memory and how this knowledge influences the notion of the self…”

Public Education in America »

 “…I will examine the sociological, cultural, and historical conditions that have shaped and continue to shape the performance of American K-12 students in state-supported schools…”

Public Health and Disease in the Developing World »

 “In my proposed topic, I will study how infectious diseases continue to undermine health initiatives in developing countries, most troublingly those which have been cured or largely marginalized in healthier countries such as the US…”

Refugees, Immigration, and International Law »

 “…I want to examine the discrepancy between the commitment of international law to protect refugees’ human rights and the increasing number of legal and physical obstacles to asylum seeking in industrialized countries caused by immigration policy heavily focused on illegal immigration and border control…”

Religion in Ancient Rome »

 “In my proposed UF field of study, I would like to study the effect that religion had on political, economic, and social aspects of ancient Rome. I am particularly interested in the role religion played among the more powerful figures in the Roman Empire…”

Renewable Energy »

 “I am particularly interested in how our growing population will be able to meet our growing energy demand, while increasing sustainable living techniques to conserve valuable resources…”

Rock Music and American Politics »

 “In my interdisciplinary field of study, ‘Rock Music and American Politics,’ I propose to examine the role of rock music, particularly punk and its subgenres, in political ideology and their effect on the political climate in contemporary America…”

Studies in Environmental Sustainability »

 “…I will look at how we as citizens of the developed world can better manage our consumption of the Earth’s finite resources in order to maintain our delicate environment and ecosystems for future generations…”

Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine »

 “I propose to examine similarities and differences between ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ medicine as well as the potential integration of the two. I hope to do this by studying the history of medicine, different medical practices used around the world, ways science has affected these practices, and the sociocultural aspects surrounding them…”

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