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African Art and Music »

This topic will allow me to examine how African culture has carried over to virtually every other culture to act as a catalyst, or springboard for revolutionary pieces of art and music. It will also allow me to examine the influence it has had on my own culture in present-day America.

Arts in Education »

 “…I have created a field of study that is centered on, though not limited to, the cognitive effects of various arts programs. I am interested in demonstrating that children active in any type of fine art, whether it is in music, dance, drama, or visual arts, become better all-around students and more actively engaged in their community…”

The Business of Health »

 “I plan on studying the current state of nutrition in America and how vital nutritional concepts can be made widely known to the public. By linking dietary knowledge with communication, I believe that educators and the media could help our nutritionally impaired society make a drastic change for the better…”

The Communication of Science »

 “Effective communication requires that the relayed information be presented in a manner that can be easily understood by the audience. The communication of scientific information therefore presents a fundamental challenge: in fields of science that are consistently becoming increasingly complex, it is often nearly impossible to accurately report certain concepts without either alienating one’s audience or misrepresenting the information at hand…”

Crime in America »

 “‘Crime in America’ is meant to look at the criminal justice system; its methodological process, its philosophical foundation, its shortcomings and possible solutions…”

Crime in America »

 “I propose to examine how and why people initially become involved in crime and how the nature of crime itself has evolved over time in America as we have become a more economically advanced society…”

Criminal Anthropology »

 “My proposed topic will allow me to study how social relationships, circumstances, and one’s culture contribute to the choice in deciding to deviate from the law and commit crimes…”

Cultural Diplomacy »

 “I will study how the exchange of social beliefs, values, and practices can affect international mediation. I am particularly interested in how these interactions work on a political and governmental level…”

Defiance and Authority »

 “I hope to focus on the study of the sources of resistant or disobedient behavior in the brain, the social causes and effects of such behavior (especially egoistic defiance) and even how humans have affected history by deciding not to do what they are told.”

Disability Studies »

 “When faced with a disability, individuals may rely on the perspectives and experiences of others in an effort to overcome their own barriers. Not only can these perspectives and experiences aid those with disabilities, but they can also be used as a foundation for research and training within the medical field…”

Healthcare Interventions in Developing Countries »

 “Many wonder why, despite the billions of dollars the U.S. and other developed countries have allocated to the developing world, there has been little permanent improvement in public health conditions in those developing countries. This topic will involve the study of factors that are preventing developing countries from making greater progress in public health…”

Healthcare Policy »

 “The United States has been involved in a vigorous debate on healthcare and recently passed new laws changing the healthcare system. I would like to study the influence of ethics, law, and local conditions, both social and physical, that shape healthcare quality and policy…”

Identity, Prejudice, and Communication »

 “People learn expectations of appropriate beliefs and behaviors from their culture, and when they come into contact with people from different cultures, they rely on generalizations to simplify the unfamiliar…”

Neuropsychology of Addiction »

 “…I hope to explore the neurobiology of affect and of reward, as well as the experimental designs, methods, and tools with which to study both…”

The Politics of Science »

 “Despite common belief, the natural sciences are not exact sciences. The sciences are not epistemologically unique disciplines that are immune to the limitations that characterize other branches of knowledge…”

Science and Philosophy »

 “I propose a topic of study centered on the relationship between Philosophy and Science. These two subjects, as broadly conceived, have had a deep, complex interplay of ideas and knowledge since the beginning of civilization…”

United States and Middle East Relations »

 “…In addition to the history of foreign policy between these two regions, I would like to look at the history of the Arabic world in hopes that better understanding their past will help us to realize what can be done to foster a productive relationship with the Middle East in the future.”

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