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Arts and Theatre Management »

“…I would like to apply business-oriented techniques to artistic events and companies focused on performances while acquiring sufficient background in the elements involved in artistic entertainment…”

Child Development in Underprivileged Communities »

“In my proposed topic, ‘Child Development in Underprivileged Communities,’ I will examine issues surrounding children’s well-being and the role of governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and private business in promoting the health and safety of children in these communities…”

Conflict Resolution »

“In my proposed topic, ‘Conflict Resolution,’ I plan to examine how prejudices between different cultures lead to conflict and the role communication can play in bridging gaps to resolve those conflicts. Conflict arises from differing perceptions and incompatible goals…”

Conservation Studies »

“This study will include such concerns as air pollution, global warming, forest ecology, water pollution, urban planning, and the protection of species. I am mainly interested in the political and scientific debates concerning global warming…”

Culture and Health »

“I will investigate how different ethnic groups use health treatments that are unique to their culture and not widely embraced in contemporary western medicine. I am particularly interested in how these treatments interact with traditional western healthcare practices, and how both medical professionals and patients from other cultures in the US utilize and combine their native practices with western treatments…”

Development in Latin America »

“Reducing the gap between the rich and the poor is essential for economic growth because a better distribution of money means the currency will flow within all sections of society. My study will integrate perspectives from the disciplines of sociology, government, and economics…”

Entomophagy Studies »

“The possible ways of studying insects vary. Insects as iconography, as pharmaceuticals, as ecological indicators, as pests, as nutrients, or as genetic relatives of Homo sapiens provide some examples. I propose to study the cultural, biological and nutritional aspects of insect eating, or entomophagy…”

Ethics and American Democracy »

“American representative democracy has several undemocratic features such as superdelegates, the Electoral College, and lobbyists. Moreover, our elections are effectively controlled by two major parties that define the political discourse and screen out the politicians and ideas that do not fit comfortably in either party. I would like to investigate the purpose, function, and usefulness of each of these components to determine to what extent they affect elections, political change, economics, and general welfare of our nation.”

Evolution of Childhood »

“Culture has changed, and so has our expectations for different age groups. It is by studying these socially accepted expectations that I am planning to trace the evolution of childhood…”

Global Health »

“Government policies affect the health of its people, and these results affect the success or failure of a government and the nation and determine the new policies they choose to create. I propose to look at one pathway in this cycle: how public health care policy affects the health or wealth of a nation and how these conditions compare to other countries…”

Health and Latin America »

“My topic, Health and Latin America, will encompass healthcare, nutrition, and the cultural and political factors that shape health in the region. I am most interested in diet and nutrition in Latin countries, but I also hope to study the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare systems throughout Latin America, especially in the area of health promotion….”

Health in Developing Countries »

“I would like to study the healthcare systems in developing countries to get a better understanding of the treatment people in these countries are actually receiving and to develop a broader understanding of healthcare in general..”

Health, Poverty, and the Developing World »

“…I not only want to explore the physical causes and effects of such a bounding limit as poverty, but also the consequent physiological and psychological aspects of such a barrier. This last facet seems an important component of poverty, perhaps just as important in some as the health consequences of poverty…”

Healthcare in Developing Countries »

“…I plan to investigate factors such as deficiency of funding, lack of knowledge, need for updated technology as well as other possible contributors to the lack of basic healthcare services in these developing regions…”

International Healthcare Politics »

“In my chosen topic, A Comparison of International Healthcare Systems, Policies, and Practices, I hope to take classes that will give me perspective on not only the United States healthcare system, but also on healthcare systems around the world. I will first examine different controversial issues currently in debate in the United States from legal, social, economic, and ethical perspectives…”

Lifestyle and Achievement »

“According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, physiological needs need to be fulfilled before an individual can move up the ladder of life. In other words, in pursuit of any goal or aspiration, to move up to that self actualization level, a state of maximal achievement, you have to tackle the essentials first…”

Mediation Studies »

“In my proposed topic, ‘Mediation Studies,’ I plan to study the field of mediation as an alternative to the traditional avenue of conflict resolution and the role of the mediator in a variety of civil contexts. I am particularly interested in studying cases, in order to assess the way in which people present their positions…”

Medical Ethics »

“I will focus on the moral issues involved with the difficult yet necessary decisions that are made every day regarding life or death situations as well as the question, ‘Does the preservation of life supercede all other considerations in regards to medical care?’”

Medical Ethics »

“In a manner that challenges the traditional views of religion and philosophy, medical ethics involves technology, scientific advances, risk management, and law; the crossroads at which traditional morality and contemporary conditions in the medical field meet is the location of a number of ethical dilemmas…”

Medical Ethics »

“…I plan to study the ethical dilemmas medical professionals confront in their cases and the choices they face. In addition, I hope to propose reasonable and morally sound solutions to some of these problems. Specifically, I would like to study the growing ethical dilemmas faced in the field of neurology…”

On the Beautiful »

“Beauty is timeless: it has existed throughout history in various forms, never failing to grace the earth with its presence. Beauty can be found absolutely anywhere, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder, or does it fall into a certain universal pattern or formula that everyone praises and adores?”

Recreational Drugs in America »

“Under the George W. Bush presidency, spending on the War on Drugs increased to $19 billion. Seventy percent of that money was spent on law enforcement and punishment, and thirty percent was spent on education and treatment. Instead of treatment for those who are dependent on drugs, the focus was on prevention, law enforcement, and punishment…”

Women in Monotheistic Religions »

“I am interested in how monotheistic traditions have defined appropriate conduct and roles for women and consequences of challenging these roles for women at different moments of history in these traditions. I plan to focus my studies on the three major traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which have many beliefs in common about women…”

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