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The College of Natural Sciences places an extraordinary emphasis on teaching and advising, and is proud to have a large number of award-winning faculty and advisers.

Each year, the College of Natural Sciences recognizes excellent teaching of undergraduate and graduate students via CNS Teaching Excellence Awards. Recipients of CNS Teaching Excellence Awards are CNS's educational innovators, who embody and demonstrate commitment to CNS's mission: To provide an excellent, research-oriented education in science, mathematics and computing that fosters the success of its students, to discover important new knowledge through research and to create an intellectually and scientifically enriched environment that advances a vibrant Texas and beyond. This includes fostering a college climate of belonging and inclusivity through demonstrated efforts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We celebrate faculty and staff recipients of teaching and advising excellence awards, staff awards and professional society and special awards at an annual awards banquet.

To view esteemed members of the National Academies, National Medal winners, and more, explore the faculty research awards page.

College Awards

University Awards

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