Welcoming Connections

Our ecosystem in Texas Science is made up of many interconnected lives. We’re a network that relies on its every node, where individuals feel seen and connected to the whole community.

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You + Texas Science

Each voice matters, and every Longhorn counts. We aim to be a friendly, accessible home, full of opportunities for individual students, faculty and staff to meet their potential, come together, learn from one another and make the most of resources.

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What You Belong Means

We treat students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds with dignity. Different experiences and perspectives in our community matter, so we check in regularly, seeking input from all. We blend classroom rigor with meaningful out-of-class support in ways that have helped to make UT a national model.

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Discussions Together

As a learning community, we hold recurring events with guest speakers to explore big challenges and how to meet those challenges together. Authors, experts and thought leaders engage our college community members in conversations to help lift up stories and context from across our disciplines and its distinct populations. These events are just one part of our work to advance a climate where all of our members feel safe, supported and seen—the essence of belonging.

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