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Stengl Fellowship




2022 Stengl-Wyer Graduate Fellowship Awardees

1. Kathyrn Appler: Revealing the mysteries of eukaryogenesis using clues from a novel branch on the tree of life

Advisor: Brett Baker

Read about Kathryn's work here...


2. Erik Iverson: Mitonuclear interactions and thermal adaptation in hybridizing swordtails

Advisor: Justin Havird

3. Samantha Smith: Laryngeal mechanisms of vocalization in rodents with diverse calls

Advisor: Stephen Phelps

4. Phillip Souza: Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Biodiversity and Ecological Functioning in the Dynamic Mission-Aransas Estuary in Texas

Advisor: Simon Brandl

Read about Philip's work here.


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2021 Stengl-Wyer Graduate Fellowship Awardees

1. Nikunj Goel: A theory of human-mediated biological invasions

Advisor: Tim Keitt



2. Nicholas Ivers: Impacts of parasites on foraging and pollination

Advisor: Shahlene Jha

Read about Nick's work here.


3. David Ledesma: Responses of Central Texas herpetofauna to long-term environmental change

Advisor: Melissa Kemp

Read about DAVID'S work here.


4. Julie Perreau: Initiation and evolution of mutualistic symbioses in aphids

Advisors: Nancy Moran, Jeff Barrick

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2020 Stengl-Wyer Graduate Fellowship Awardees

1. Angelina Dichiera: Carbonic anhydrase function and evolution in the respiratory gas exchange system of fish

Advisor: Andrew Esbaugh

Read about Angelina's work here.


2. Colin Morrison: The passion vine community phytochemical landscape

Advisor: Lawrence Gilbert

Read about Colin's work here.


3. Alex Nishida: Specificity of host-microbiome interactions

Advisor: Howard Ochman

Read about Alex's work here.


4. Julia York: Evolution of temperature sensation

Advisor: Harold Zakon

Read about Julia's work here.

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