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Enhance relationships with local, national and international partners and stakeholders.


LEADS: Dr. Linda Hicke and Kelsey Evans, Assistant Dean for Development



With more than 60,000 living alumni around the globe, the College of Natural Sciences and its graduates are changing the world. To better connect alumni and enhance opportunities for current CNS students, the College has strengthened its social media channels. We are collaborating with alumni to enhance the quality and quantity of recruiters for our graduates.  Our CNS Roadshows have allowed the College to connect broadly with alumni, parents and friends in various regions. Roadshows in more than 15 cities across the U.S. have provided opportunities for sharing updates, news and impact from the College.  A portfolio of key corporations and foundations is maintained, while working broadly across the college to cultivate and develop these partnerships, as well as relationships with individual donors and friends.  The addition of distinguished new members to the College Advisory Council helps to open doors and enhance relationships with key companies. The Advisory Council also launched new Task Forces, including one focused on enhancing CNS’ Corporate Partnerships to increase research, recruiting and philanthropy.  The Hall of Honor ceremony recognizesnotable alumni and friends who have made significant contributions, for example, in areas such as cancer research, space discovery, computing, nutritional sciences, and foreign industry.

In 2015-16, the College celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Freshman Research Initiative, and it continues to look for ways to both grow and sustain this innovative educational program which continues to draw a waitlist of hundreds of students each year. Funding projections remain strong, and 85% of CNS Advisory Council members contribute to this year’s Dean’s discretionary fund. Several departments within the College have launched their own advisory councils and are receiving planning and event support from the external relations team.



  • Enhanced engagement of CNS alumni across the College will result in increased mentoring and employment opportunities for current students and promote our fundraising efforts.
  • The combined efforts of our Advisory Council, corporate and foundation relations efforts, development team and alumni will result in more partnerships with the Central Texas business community.



The College:

  • tracks social media followers
  • tracks fundraising outcomes from Roadshows, alumni and corporate outreach efforts, and Advisory Council member activity
  • tracks CNS partnerships with the greater business community
  • tracks student opportunities for mentoring and employment
  • assesses the CNS constituency via a survey to help inform awareness and connection



  • We are continually expanding the network of engaged alumni, parents, friends and corporate partners.
  • We are developin innovation networks of faculty, alumni, and investors to enhance the entrepreneurship pipeline.
  • We are continuing to align our fundraising efforts with the strategic priorities of the College, such as FRI, fundraising for graduate student fellowships and renovations in campus facilities like Welch Hall.