Featured Happy 25th Anniversary, Hubble Space Telescope
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Like a newborn's foggy vision slowly coming into focus, the Hubble Space Telescope has enabled humanity to see more clearly than ever before the world beyond our noses, a cosmos of contradictions: incandescent and quiescent, violent and benevolent, chaotic and orderly.

Featured Two Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced this week the election of two new members from The University of Texas at Austin—mathematician Björn Engquist and biochemist George Georgiou.

Featured Married Mathematicians Win Prestigious CAREER Awards
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An assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics has received a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation, making him the second member of his department — and his household to win the award in the last year.

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As people around the world celebrate the 45th annual Earth Day this week, it's a good time to reflect on the many ways researchers in the College of Natural Sciences are helping tackle environmental challenges, including wildfires, drought, pollution, biodiversity loss, habitat destruction and climate change.

Featured Genetic Road Map May Bring About Better Cotton Crops
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A University of Texas at Austin scientist, working with an international research team, has developed the most precise sequence map yet of U.S. cotton and will soon create an even more detailed map for navigating the complex cotton genome.

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Every Spring, the College of Natural Sciences celebrates its student-scientists at the one-day Undergraduate Research Forum, held this year on Friday, April 17. More than 200 students present posters describing their research. The best and most innovative posters and presentations are recognized with awards judged and sponsored by the university, faculty, alumni and industry.

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The waning number of Ebola cases is good news for West Africa, but for those developing a vaccine for the disease, it means time is running short.

Featured Researchers Tackle the Dark Side of Moore's Law
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This month marks the 50th Anniversary of Moore's Law, an observation that every couple of years, computer chip manufacturers manage to squeeze twice as many transistors onto a computer chip. Because transistors are the tiny on-off switches that perform calculations and temporarily store information, Moore’s Law also embodies the exponential increase in raw computing power that has unleashed a blizzard of tech innovations.

Featured 11 Students Receive National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships
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The National Science Foundation (NSF) selected 35 students from The University of Texas at Austin – including 11 from the College of Natural Sciences – for its prestigious Graduate Research Fellowships Program, giving UT Austin the 12th highest number of NSF graduate fellows in the country in 2015.

Featured Crowdfunding Science
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Scientists reportedly are up against one of the toughest environments for research support in generations.