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Care Experiences Are Worse in For-Profit Hospices Than in Not-for-Profit Hospices, Study Finds

Patients receiving care from for-profit hospices have substantially worse care experiences than patients who receive care from not-for-profit hospices, according to a new study from...

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Three in Texas Science Elected Fellows of AAAS

Scott Aaronson, Catherine Calder and Claus Wilke are now fellows of the world’s largest general scientific society

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Health Benefits of Wind Power Rely on Which Fossil Fuel Plants It Replaces

Health benefits of using wind energy instead of fossil fuels could quadruple if the most polluting power plants are selected for dialing down, new study...

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National Science Foundation Award Paves Way for UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science

The National Science Foundation has selected The University of Texas at Austin for a pilot grant to establish the UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science...

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Seven Natural Sciences Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards

Learn about faculty members from UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences who have been awarded CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation.

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UT Austin Leads in New Summary of Top “Degrees of the Future”

A new report releases what the nation’s best degrees of the future are.

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NSF Awards Graduate Research Fellowships to 22 UT Natural Sciences Students

Eleven graduate and one undergraduate student of UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences were awarded honorable mentions by the National Science Foundation.

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Department of Statistics and Data Sciences

Layla Parast Aims to Improve Healthcare Using Biostatistics

Meet new statistics and data science professor, Layla Parast, whose work in biostatistics aims to improve medical treatments and trial outcomes.

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UT Austin Offers New Undergraduate Major in Statistics and Data Science

Statistics and Data Sciences are among the fastest growing fields in the United States.

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COVID Forecasting Method Shown to Reliably Guide U.S. Cities Through Pandemic Threats

Using cellphone mobility data and COVID-19 hospital admissions data, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have reliably forecast regional hospital demands for almost...

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