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The Achilles Heel That Could Lead to Universal Coronavirus Treatments

Alone, this target might not be strong enough to directly block infection, but might be used to jump-start or boost an immune response.

A man in white lab coat holds a three dimensional model of a viral protein and an antibody attached


UT Austin a Key Player in Science’s Hottest Research Areas for 2023

Researchers at UT Austin are involved in some of the most exciting areas of science and driving groundbreaking discoveries and technologies that impact our world.

Individuals looking at a display of outer space


Moran to Receive Waksman Award in Microbiology from NAS

Nancy Moran receives the Selman A. Waksman Award in Microbiology from the National Academy of Sciences.

Portrait of a woman in a blue shirt and glasses


How a CRISPR Protein Might Yield New Tests for Many Viruses

It might enable inexpensive, highly sensitive at-home diagnostic tests for COVID-19, influenza, Ebola and more.

A protein holds open the two strands of a DNA double helix


Students Win Big at International Synthetic Biology Competition

Undergraduate students at UT Austin are recognized for their work which could save bats from a condition that is often deadly and dangerous.

A team of cheering students

UT News

Texas Biologics to Bolster Research in Therapeutics

A new University of Texas at Austin initiative will focus primarily on biologic research and development.

A graduate student in a white coat pipettes in a lab wearing gloves


Dried Bacteria Could Revolutionize Testing, Laboratory Science

What if there were a way to make proteins, enzymes and reagents right in the lab, in small amounts, on demand?

Microscopic image of e.coli bacteria stained blue against a black background


Frog Pandemic

Frogs are also struggling through their own pandemic that has several eerie parallels with COVID-19.

A green frog rests on a tree branch

Texas Scientist

UT Austin Harnesses Power of Biology in Partnership with Army Research Laboratory

Inside the "biological foundry" at the Army Research Lab's ARL-South partnership on the campus of UT Austin

A scientist leans into a laboratory hood and moves samples under a robotic arm

Department of Molecular Biosciences

Breakthrough in Fight on Tick-Borne CCHF Virus is Latest Use of New Strategy Against Diseases

Scientists are developing vaccines and other treatments for the tick-borne Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)

A multicolored molecule