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Five Lessons from UT Austin Science about Planning for Living with Heat

In our endless summer, research on heat impacts offers insights on how best to adapt.

CNS Scientists have been applying their research in ways that will help communities respond to heat.


Some Trees May Play an Outsized Role in the Fight on Global Warming

A new study shows that nitrogen-fixing trees could help forests remove more heat-trapping COS from the atmosphere than previously thought.

Sunlight peeks through the trees


Integrative Biology Professor Wins Early Career Award for Contributions to Ecology

Caroline Farrior has been awarded for her research on forest ecosystem dynamics through mathematical modeling.

Portrait of a woman in front of a stream

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Long-Living Tropical Trees Play Outsized Role in Carbon Storage

A group of trees that grow fast, live long lives and reproduce slowly account for the bulk of the biomass.

Irene del Carmen Torres Dominguez measures the diameter of a tree on Barro Colorado Island in Panama.


When Science Communication Doesn’t Get Through

Climate change, vaccinations, evolution. Scientists sometimes struggle to get their message across to non-scientists.

A person holds their hands over their ears as a graph showing global warming moves by like an audio wave


Project Explores Fate of Coral Reefs and Related Life

Researchers around the world, including UT Austin's Misha Matz, published a paper which could help predict the future of coral reefs in a changing environment.

A coral reef