Pyramid Probe

January 5, 2016 • by Marc Airhart

How particle physics can help explore the insides of ancient Mayan pyramids without digging

A large cylinder-shaped piece of scientific equipment hangs from chains

The Maya Muon detector

What would you do if you had Superman's x-ray vision? In today's episode of the Point of Discovery Podcast, we talk to physicist Roy Schwitters about how he's using his superhuman powers to explore the insides of ancient Mayan pyramids without digging.

Show Notes

You can read more about physicist Roy Schwitters and the UT Maya Muon group here:

Infographic showing how particles called muons can be used to see inside a buried Mayan pyramid


Students in a lecture hall discussing a problem and looking at laptop screens

Oden Institute

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A colorful image of a spherical structure of arrows pointing in all directions

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