Congratulations on your admission and welcome to the University of Texas at Austin! We look forward to having you join us on the Forty Acres this spring.


UT offers a variety of Math courses and the math assessments are simply a way for the University to ensure that students are placed into the math class that best fits their needs and requirements.

Students admitted to Natural Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Business, or who are pursuing pre-professional health sciences, Economics, B.S. Psychology, and other majors requiring Calculus must purchase a Math Readiness Package and complete the online Quest assessment and learning modules as preparation for the paper and pencil UT Math Assessment. Click here or on the gray Math Assessment button to your right to learn more and get started with the Math Readiness Package.

Students planning to take CH 301 (the first majors-level Chemistry course) are required to purchase and complete ALEKS Chemistry to place into the course. Not all incoming majors will take CH 301, and if you are unsure whether or not you will take CH 301 this spring, do not purchase the ALEKS Chemistry assessment until after you have had a chance to talk to your advisor at Orientation on January 8th (no refunds will be issued). Please click here or on the burnt orange Chemistry Assessment link to your right to learn more about ALEKS Chemistry.

13 Rules to Succeed from Dr. David Laude, Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduation Management:

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