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Designed to assess your abilities in math and chemistry.


A math and chemistry assessment are required as a way for the University to ensure that students are placed into the courses that best fit their needs and requirements.


UT Math Assessment


Students admitted to Natural Sciences, Engineering, Geosciences, Business, Economics, B.S. Psychology, other majors requiring Calculus, or who are pursuing pre-professional health sciences, must purchase a Math Readiness Package. 

The Math Readiness Package includes a warm up assessment, learning modules, and access to the online proctored UT Math Assessment. 

Students are limited to two attempts per semester.

Click here or on the gray Math Assessment button to your right to learn more and get started with the Math Readiness Package.


ALEKS Chemistry Assessment


Students planning to take CH 301 (Principles of Chemistry I) are required to purchase and complete the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment to place into the course.  

Do not purchase the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment if you are unsure whether you will take CH 301 (no refunds). 

Not all incoming majors will take CH 301. You will discuss what courses you will register for during your first semester at orientation.

Click here or on the burnt orange Chemistry Assessment button to your right to learn more about ALEKS Chemistry.