Chemistry Assessment

Chemistry Readiness: Partnership for Success in Chemistry

Chemistry Readiness Program

To help you prepare for college-level chemistry courses at UT Austin, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and the Department of Chemistry have prepared a Chemistry Readiness Program. The program provides support (web-based instruction) as you review topics in preparation for CH 301 (Principles of Chemistry I)  or CH 301C.

Once your CH 301/CH 301C class starts, your instructor will assume you know all of the material included in the Chemistry Modules, so it is important you use this program to review these basic chemistry topics.

All students registering for CH 301/CH 301C are strongly encouraged to work on the Canvas modules. The Canvas modules will be available during winter break at no cost and are intended to help review concepts for CH 301. There is no required score on the Canvas modules as they are completely optional and are intended to provide students with extra practice before beginning CH 301. 


Not all incoming majors will take CH 301/CH 301C. Do not purchase the chemistry assessment, as no refunds can be issued for this service.

You will have an opportunity to meet with your Academic Advisor at orientation and determine your fall/spring course schedule.

Who must take the UT Chemistry Assessment?

Many students wishing to enroll in CH 301 must complete the Chemistry assessment. 

If you are a new, incoming student and unsure whether or not you will take CH 301 in the spring, do not purchase the Chemistry assessment until after Orientation. No refunds will be issued. 

You will have an opportunity to meet with your Academic Advisor at Orientation and determine your course schedule.

Why must I take the UT Chemistry Assessment?

The Chemistry Assessment is a more effective assessment tool than the SAT, AP or CLEP tests.

In addition, the Chemistry Assessment allows students to enter CH 301 with a strong knowledge base, regardless of how long it’s been since the student’s last chemistry course.

What chemistry topics are on the Chemistry Assessment?

The assessment covers a variety of high-school-level chemistry topics, each of which is considered prior knowledge by our instructors.

How do I get technical support for the Chemistry Assessment?

Some issues can be resolved by the College of Natural Sciences support team. If you're having access issues please email:

Please include your UT EID and a copy of your Chemistry Package email purchase receipt.

What if I already have credit for chemistry through AP, IB or CLEP exams?

The assessment is probably still required. All incoming students who enroll or wish to enroll in CH 301 must take the Chemistry Readiness Assessment.

Is the Chemistry Assessment a timed test?

The Chemistry Assessment gives you the time you need in order to complete the assessment (20-35 questions). However, it does take into account the time it takes for you to answer each question when determining the ease or difficulty of your next question and your score. The assessment must be completed in one sitting. You should allow 1.5-2 hours for the initial assessment.

How does the Chemistry Assessment work?

The Chemistry Assessment has two components: the Assessment and the Learning Modules.

  • Upon first signing in, you engage in the Assessment. This is the initial exam that determines how much you already know and remember about chemistry. The better you do, the harder it gets.
  • The Learning Modules are activated after you complete the initial assessment. These include practice problems and tutorials. When you select a topic to study, you will be given a practice problem. 
Where does my score appear?
  • Your score is automatically added to your UT student profile which is accessible by your advisor
  • Your score will be verified by the Chemistry department before the semester begins
  • Your score can be viewed by reentering the Chemistry Assessment portal using the same access link for which you took the assessment. Click the assessment button and your score will appear
How long is my Chemistry Assessment completion valid?

The completion of the assessment is valid for one long semester. After that, the assessment expires and the Chemistry Assessment must be repurchased and retaken if you wish to take CH 301 in a later semester.