Welcome new Texas Science students!

CNS New Student Orientation is required for all new students majoring in an area within the College of Natural Sciences (CNS). At Orientation you can expect to:

  • Receive introductory academic advising to help you navigate degree plans
  • Learn how to sign up for classes
  • Familiarize yourself with the college’s requirements and expectations

 Access handouts from CNS orientation


  1. 1

    Before Orientation

    1. Check your UT Email. Orientation materials will be sent to you via email from New Student Services (NSS) around a week in advance of your scheduled orientation session. Check and update your University email address.
    2. Review the Orientation Schedule. Students receive a Natural Sciences-specific schedule by email. Know when your mandatory advising appointment will take place.
    3. Prior to orientation, complete the following:
      • Complete UT's Pre-Orientation Checklist.
      • Complete Math Readiness Package. *Please contact your academic advisor if you are a Transfer student without calculus credit.
      • Please refer to your welcome email from CNS College Readiness for specific details.


  2. 2

    During Orientation

    1. You’ll Attend your Advising Appointment
    2. Advising is mandatory for all incoming CNS students and will occur within the first 2 days of your orientation. Details for your advising appointment will be sent to you via email a few days before your session..
    3. Questions?
      After your advising appointment, you will have the email of an academic advisor to ask questions.


  3. 3

    After Orientation

    1. Complete Assessments
      Complete any necessary Math or Chemistry assessments, learn more about assessments at our College Readiness page. We recommend students wait until meeting with their advisor to purchase the Chemistry Assessment as refunds are not an option for the preparation package.
    2. What's Next?
    3. Get to Know College Resources