How do I apply to CNS?

Incoming first year students who have graduated or will soon graduate high school or receive a GED and have not enrolled at another institution will apply as ‘Freshman’ and follow the prompts in the Apply Texas application.

If a student has graduated or will soon graduate high school or receive a GED and has not enrolled at another institution, then the student can apply as a ‘Freshman (Spring 2018)’.  Students will follow the prompts in the Apply Texas application.

If a student has started their post-secondary studies at another institution after graduating from high school or earning a GED, and has or will have earned 24 semester hours of required transferable coursework (30 hours for Summer/Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 applicants) at another college or university, the student can apply for transfer admission.

If a student is an undergraduate pursuing a degree at another U.S. college or university and wants to take a course at The University of Texas at Austin during a summer session without actually enrolling as a regular student, the student can apply for transient admission.

What is the maximum number of hours to transfer to CNS?

We do not have a maximum number of hours in Natural Sciences, but we do have a minimum number of hours, which is 30 hours. If you wish to graduate from UT, you will need to take 60 hours of coursework in residence. 

I went to multiple schools. Will I need to submit transcripts from all of them?

Yes, students are required to submit transcripts from all institutions.

I have a degree and I am interested in taking a few courses at UT. I do not wish to pursue another degree. Can I still apply to UT and take classes?

Of course! From the Admissions website: “If you have at least a bachelor’s degree and want to take additional undergraduate courses without working toward another degree, apply for transfer admission as a non-degree-seeking student. Non-degree-seeking students must apply to a specific school or college, selecting a major intended for a non-degree seeker.  Some colleges have additional requirements and restrictions for non-degree-seeking students. Check with the college or school to which you are applying for details.”

I am enrolled in another School/College at UT and I am interested in taking pre-requisites for a health profession track through CNS. Can I do that

Yes. Many students will take their pre-requisite courses with us, but have a major in another college/school. Our Health Professions Office (HPO) would be a great resource for you as well and they are housed within Natural Sciences, but serve the entire University because we have students throughout UT with an interest in pursuing a health profession.

All students, once enrolled, will have access to this office. They are extremely knowledgeable about the requirements for Texas schools and work with students to help them be competitive applicants.