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The Brain’s Internal Compass is More Complex Than Once Thought

New details about how the brain senses orientation might lead to earlier Alzheimer’s detection

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Three CNS Faculty Awarded President’s Associates Teaching Awards

Three CNS recipients are being recognized for their engagement with curriculum reform and educational innovation.

Markert, Mauk and Bruner


Texas Science Festival Inspires Texans to Delve into Discovery

Go deep in the heart of science this month and next.

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UT Austin Leads in New Summary of Top “Degrees of the Future”

A new report releases what the nation’s best degrees of the future are.

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How Electric Fish Were Able to Evolve Electric Organs

How small genetic changes enabled electric fish to evolve electric organs.

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Assistant Professor Lief Fenno is Developing New Tools to Treat Addiction

Neuroscientist Lief Fenno of UT Austin partakes in research which advances the understanding of addiction and how it can be treated.

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Meet the Scientists Who are New to the Faculty this Spring

More about the newest faces in the College.

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As We Develop, the Brain Connects Lessons Learned Differently

A new study of brain activity patterns in people doing a memory task finds that the way we make inferences changes dramatically as we age.

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Natural Sciences Researchers Win President’s Award for Global Learning

A team with two CNS undergraduates of UT Austin were involved with research about the relationship between undergraduates' mental health and their social support networks...

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First Glimpse of Brains Retrieving Mistaken Memories Observed

Scientists have observed for the first time what it looks like in the key memory region of the brain when a mistake is made during...

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