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What Will Extreme Weather Events Mean for Texas’s Favorite Bugs?

The answer matters for people, too, given how insects affect whole ecosystems.

A photo of a monarch butterfly on a yellow flower


Targeted Grazing May Help Beat Invasive Buffelgrass

Researchers head to Kenya to unlock the weaknesses of invasive buffelgrass to combat it here in Texas.

Image of buffelgrass and cattle


Texas Field Station Network Catalyzes Collaborations Across Field Sites

The recently announced largest-ever gift to the college is helping to bring new research synergies.

Natural landscape with orange brown grasses in the foreground, trees in the middle distance and a mountai top with telescope domes in the distance


Otters, Especially Females, Use Tools To Survive a Changing World

A new study has found that individual sea otters that use tools — most of whom are female — are able to eat larger prey...

A sea otter feeds on a marine animal


Biologist in National Academy of Sciences to Address 2024 Graduates

Nancy Moran, the acclaimed evolutionary biologist, will address College of Natural Sciences graduates on May 11.

Portrait of a woman in a blue shirt and glasses


Study Challenges Popular Concept of Spread of Cultural Innovations

Researchers find that Eurasia’s East-West orientation likely did not aid in cultural domination.

Antique style world map with Europe and Asia centered


Red Flags: I’m Not the Bug for You!

The matador bug’s vibrant red hind-leg flags are neither a mating display nor a distraction tactic, they’re part of an elaborate defense strategy.

A black and yellow bug with red flaps on its hind legs sits on a green leaf

UT News

Surviving a Volcanic Supereruption May Have Facilitated Human Dispersal Out of Africa

Graduate students Jessica Valdes and Keenan Riordan were on a team that found humans may have dispersed during arid times along “blue highways.”

Map of northeastern Africa indicating location of an archaeological site


A Once-in-Many-Centuries Event

In honor of the impending total solar eclipse on April 8th, we present this special eclipse podcast.

solar eclipse


Why the Powerhouses of Cells Evolve Differently in Plants

New research solves a mystery as to why mitochondria in some plants evolve faster than others.

A pink flower with green stem against a tan background