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Ghostlike Dusty Galaxy Reappears in James Webb Space Telescope Image

Astronomers with the COSMOS-Web collaboration have identified the object AzTECC71 as a dusty star-forming galaxy.

A diffuse red patch emerges from the center of an inky black background


Discovery of Planet Too Big for Its Sun Throws Off Models of Solar System Formation

Brendan Bowler, Bill Cochran and others discovered a planet that's much more massive compared to its host star than Earth is to our sun.

A red star rises over a purple planet and casts a reflection on its surface

McDonald Observatory

The Giant Magellan Telescope’s Final Mirror Fabrication Begins

Together, the mirrors will collect more light than any other telescope in existence, allowing humanity to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

A large round flat pile of glass pieces


Department of Energy Advances Research and Education at Wootton Center for Astrophysical Plasma Properties

Grant will help center led by Don Winget continue its research and train the next generation of scientists.

Room full of scientific equipment glowing blue and purple


McDonald Observatory Invites Ecological Research as a Texas Field Station

The observatory joins a network of six University of Texas sites dedicated to scientific research, environmental monitoring and conservation efforts.

Two telescope domes sit atop a mountain with more peaks in the distance


Astronomers Confirm Maisie’s Galaxy is Among Earliest Ever Observed

Detected with the James Webb Space Telescope, Maisie’s galaxy was observed 390 million years after the Big Bang.

An orange-red blob in the center of a black background


Chemical Cartography Reveals the Milky Way’s Spiral Arms

The method overcomes the challenges of dust that block the view of some of the Milky Way's stars.

A spiral galaxy floats in the black background of space with red and blue dots sprinkled over one section


UT Austin Ranks among Top U.S. Universities in Nature Index

Among U.S. universities, UT ranks 17th in natural sciences, 8th in physical sciences and 7th in chemistry.

UT is spelled in flowers south of the main mall with the UT Tower in the distance


Webb Telescope Detects Most Distant Active Supermassive Black Hole

At about 9 solar masses, this black hole is a real lightweight compared to previously seen ones in the early universe that are typically 1...

A dense field of galaxies set against a black background of space

Science News

Muñoz Named Among Science News’ SN 10 List of Scientists to Watch

The scientist developed a ruler with the power to size up the early university and shed light on the cosmic dawn.

A bearded man in a patterned collared shirt stands in a building in front of a window