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CNS Graduate Education Emergency Grants are designed to provide funds to graduate students to mitigate emergency situations rapidly.  They are intended to provide relief rapidly and unbureaucratically – they are not suited to solve long-term or structural problems.  Students may apply any time of the year – the are no deadlines – and grants are up to $1,000.  Typically, applicants will not apply for more than one grant per year and they are only eligible after other University resources such as the student emergency fund provided by the Dean of Students have been contacted.

Applications are free form, include a succinct explanation of the situation, a brief accounting of what the funds will be used for, and some documentation of the current financial need. 

Types of Expenses

Examples for appropriate use of such funds include (but are not limited to), costs related to medical care, unexpected childcare needs, needs related to personal safety (e.g., security improvements of home), replacement of belongings lost in disaster, food or housing insecurity related to emergencies, and unexpected interruptions in reliable transportation.

Proposed Grant Structure

Up $1,000 per student. In exceptional circumstances, a larger amount can be awarded at the discretion of the Associate Dean / Director if deemed appropriate

  • Funds will be transferred in one lump sum payment (ss1)
  • No reporting by the recipient is required
  • The information presented in the application will be kept strictly confidential within the Dean's Office, excepting issues related to Title IX.


  • Must be an active graduate student in a CNS program at the time of application submission
  • Only one application per year may be submitted

Proposal Review Process

  • Emergency grants will be reviewed on an ad hoc basis by the Associate Dean and/or Director for Graduate Education.
  • Applicants need to provide some assurance that other avenues for relief such as the Dean of Students emergency funds have been attempted.
  • These funds can be used to supplement funds from other aid sources, provided supplementation is deemed necessary.


You can apply for these funds by following this link.