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Graduate students from the College of Natural Sciences leave The University of Texas at Austin with skills, training and experiences that employers in a variety of sectors demand in top hires.

The data presented here summarize career outcomes for PhD students who entered the college's graduate programs from 2000-2012. As part of its 21st Century Graduate Education initiatives, the College is committed to helping today’s students prepare for the multitude of career choices they’ll have after graduation.

Career Placement by Program and Cohort Year

Alluvial plots for each program created by Sang-Hoo Kook

2000 - 2006

PhD Career Outcomes



2007 - 2012

PHD Career Outcomes 2020 01

All MBS includes molecular biosciences degrees in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, microbiology and plant biology. 

EEB is the ecology, evolution and behavior graduate program in biology.

HDFS is the human development and family sciences program in the School of Human Ecology.

Data and figure for 2007-2012 prepared by Tracy Morales and edited by David Steadman.