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The College of Natural Sciences supports an extensive array of top-ranked graduate programs, with Master's of Science, Master's of Arts and Ph.D. degrees. 

The College is committed to preparing leaders in research communities that are becoming increasingly diverse. We believe that our students benefit from participation in a culture of diversity. The college’s programs encourage applications from individuals within populations traditionally underrepresented in our disciplines. Our goal is to provide all our students with an inclusive and supportive environment in which they can reach their greatest intellectual potential.

For information about specific graduate programs, including application information, enter the program web pages using the links below:


Interdisciplinary portfolio programs are also available, for students already admitted to a graduate degree program:


(U.S. News & World Report 2023)

Analytical Chemistry - 3
Analysis (Math) - 7
Applied Math - 9
Artificial Intelligence - 10
Biological Sciences - 25
Chemistry - 17
Computer Science - 9
Computing Systems - 10
Computing Theory - 7
Cosmology/Relativity/Gravity - 7
Ecology/Evolutionary Biology - 8
Elementary Particles - 15
Inorganic Chemistry -16
Mathematics - 14
Organic Chemistry - 18
Physical Chemistry- 15
Physics - 15
Plasma Physics - 3*
Programming Language - 9
Statistics - 27
Topology - 10

Top 10 ranking not revised for 2023. Based on latest ranking available.