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Academic employment for students enrolled in CNS graduate programs is governed by the following principles. Exceptions are granted only rarely and must be approved in advance by the CNS Associate Dean for Graduate Education.

  • Each year, CNS establishes standard rates for Teaching Assistant (TA) and Assistant Instructor (AI) appointments. Individual programs may supplement these but may not appoint students below the standard rates.
  • Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) appointments must be at or above the standard CNS TA rate.
  • Student stipends should not decrease in years 1-5 of their PhD studies.
  • Students should not be required to work as TAs or AIs more than a maximum number of semesters set by their program in consultation with the College.
  • Effective Fall 2017, programs will ensure that all students appointed as TAs, AIs, or GRAs receive full (9 hours Fall/Spring, 3 hours Summer) tuition relief.

For details regarding the policies by which these principles are implemented, please see the CNS Grad Ed Wiki (restricted access, EID login required).