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The college offers students and postdocs several courses to augment their professional development and provide them with transferable skills useful in any career path they choose.



Preparation for first-time tas 


Concentration in Science and Public Policy

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring 

There are multiple options for completing the TIDES Concentration in Teaching & Mentoring. There are 4 core requirements and 2 electives needed to complete the concentration. You may do either course-based or the independent study options for core requirements one and two. Core requirements three and four and the electives only have independent study options. You can submit the required assignments anytime. The concentration requires approximately 40 hours to complete, and this can be completed in several weeks or over the course of a couple years. To find out more, or to begin work on the concentration, self-enroll at the Canvas page.


Concentration in Communicating Science

Concentration in Leadership and Project Management


Data Analysis - offered virtually