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Rylan 1 2



Major: Mathematics

Graduation Date: Spring 2021


I began working for TIDES in the fall of 2018. I assist with the TIDES evaluation program, along with helping students with various needs. I love this job because I get to work with my wonderful coworkers and the office faculty are great mentors, but also because I get to use my math skills when working on some of the projects. As for other organizations, I am a member of the spirit group Texas Lonestars, which feels like my seconds family. After I graduate I hope to start a job working with statistics to kick start my career.


Alexis 1

Alexis larraga


Major: B.S.A Biochemistry; Entrepreneurship Minor

Graduation Date: Spring 2021


This is my first year working with TIDES. As a new member of the TIDES team, I am responsible for working closely with events and helping plan them. I participated in the Bioactive Molecules FRI stream my freshman year, and became a mentor my sophmore year. FRI helped me realize just how much I enjoy research. As for other organizations, I am also a proud sister of Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc. with being a part of the first line to cross in Texas! I plan to attend graduate school and continue doing research with neurodegenerative diseases.

Angela 1



Major: BSA Biology

Graduation Date: Spring 2020 


This is my third year working with TIDES, and I am responsible for many little things here and there. I work a lot with the business end of things but I have a huge passion in helping students get involved in anyway possible with experiential learning opportunities. I am a 4th year UT student and through the years I have had the chance to work in the Nanochemistry stream in FRI and then transition to a solo project on the functional genomics stream. That being said, UT has so many opportunities and TIDES has so much to offer. I will be walking the stage next semester and I hope to pursue a master’s degree in nursing and eventually become a nurse practitioner.

TIDES delaney



Major: Physics & Astronomy

Graduation Date: Spring 2022


I started working for TIDES in the Spring of 2019; I now run the TIDES Times and enjoy helping students as much as I can! I am currently involved in early universe and galaxy research with Dr. Steven Finkelstein. I also participated in the magnetic matter FRI stream my first year and spent last summer interning at Southwest Research Institute. I currently plan to continue participating in astronomy research and eventually attend graduate school!