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 College Readiness Mentors are University of Texas students in the College of Natural Sciences who can help!  


We can help you to prepare for your meeting with your advisor at orientation, discuss your First Year Interest Groups community, and offer so much more.  


We are available to answer questions about their experiences at UT, registering for orientation, what to expect from online orientation, and can provide resources to point you in the right direction towards successfully onboarding to your new college life.  


Please feel free to contact your College Readiness Mentor with any questions. 


SUMMER 2020 


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Nakia is a Senior Biology major, pursuing pre-med and mentor for students with the last name (A-BON).

Hometown: Midland, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite course so far was actually Foundations of Finance. I've always been interested in business and this class allowed me to enjoy something a little different than my other science courses. 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman:  I wish I would've known to make connections with students a year or two above you. They can help you decide what class to take and who to take it with because they've done it already. It really relieves the stress of not having your 4 years at UT planned out. 

Student Organizations involved in: UT Racquetball Club, Biology Scholars Program, Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) 


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Desiree is a Senior Biology major, pursuing pre-medand mentor for students with the last name (BOO-DAH).

Hometown: Joshua, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: Introductory Biology because I learned so much and it really laid the foundation for so many of the biology and science related courses I’ve taken at UT.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Time management, you save so much stress during exam times if you study consistently and start assignments early. 

Student Organizations involved in: Longhorn Dance Company

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 Juliette is a Senior Biology major, entering UT Health for a Masters in Public Health in the Fall and mentor for students with the last name (DAI-GAR).

Hometown:  From San Antonio (Va Spurs Va)

Favorite class at UT and why: Principles of Animal Behavior made the most substantial impact on not only my education, but on my interests for a career. This class, taught by the brilliant and animated Dr. Cummings,  explored the balance between nature and nurture and how the two factors control behaviors of many different animals, including humans. While I was pursuing education in  the physical sciences of humans, Principles of Animal Behavior opened my eyes to the social aspect that plays a role in our lives.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Set aside time during the week to participate in activities that you enjoy and allow you to relax. Iteasy to experience tunnel vision as you work to be successful in your classes and build your resume, but with a consistent release such as exercising or reading or hanging out with friends, you’ll find much more motivation in all aspects of your life. Maintaining your health, both mental and physical, is just as important as maintaining your studies. 

Student Organizations involved in: I was a member and mentor in the Biology Scholars Program for 2 years, which is where I met some of my best friends.  I work as a STEM course tutor for CNS, and I also volunteer as a tutor for the Settlement Home, a foster home and school for at risk girls.  For the past 2 years, I have been a research assistant for the Legare Lab, a child developmental psychology lab.  During my senior year, I joined the school's ultimate frisbee team, Melee!

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Farai is a Junior Biochemistry major, pursuing pre-medand mentor for students with the last name (GAS-IR).

Hometown:  Vernon, Texas 

Favorite class at UT and why: My favourite class was General Chemistry until I was acquainted with Organic Chemistry. O-Chem is essentially a puzzle game with a ton of rules and nuances. One is allowed to be creative, and the possibilities are endless! The molecular structures are pretty cute too.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: The University has a plethora of scholarship/research opportunities. Anything you can and can’t imagine is probably out there. I wish this had been made aware to me because there are things I realized too late I wanted to join. 

Student Organizations involved in: I love to sing and to listen to music. I am a member of the Voices of Afrika (acapella group), Korean Music Association, and I’m involved with my church, Joshua Church. 

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 Quan Quan Nguyen: College Readiness Mentor




Quan Quan is a Sophomore Mathematics-UTeach CNS and Sociology majorand mentor for students with the last name (IS-LOB).

Hometown: Irving, TX - born in Vietnam
Favorite Class at UT: My favorite has been Step 1, the introductory class to the UTeach-CNS program. For anyone who wants to become a STEM teacher (and even those who don't), this class truly inspires a whole new perspective towards teaching and learning with emphasis on curiosity and innovation.
One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: It’s okay to take it slowly. Yes, there’s a lot to do. Yes, you should try to do some of them. But don’t be too hard on yourself.
Student Org: Math and Science Teachers of Tomorrow, E+E Creative Arts + Theatre, Texas Effective Altruism, BLIA YAD

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Aniket is a Sophomore Astronomy and Physics major and mentor for students with the last name (LOD-M).

Hometown: Bangalore, Karnataka, India. 

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class has been the White Dwarf Research Stream under the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) program as it gives me the unique opportunity to get involved in novel astronomy research early-on, and develop my skills in data collection, analysis, and visualization. These skills will be my foundation as a future astronomer!

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Planning your day! Staying focused on your short-term and long-term goals requires daily planning. Planning your next day reduces stress about accumulating and finishing work on time as well as helps utilize your time more effectively. This, in turn, gives you time to relax personally, or with friends, without worrying about school!

Student Organizations involved in: Astronomy Students Association (ASA), Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI), Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), UT Farm Stand

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Kendyl is a Sophomore Biology majorand mentor for students with the last name (N-POP).

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX.

Favorite class at UT and why: I loved Biology lab at UT because the experiments were super cool and allowed me to learn science through hands on experiences.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Don't be afraid to talk to your professors.  Even if you don't have any questions about the material, just get to know them!

Student organizations involved in: ALDPES Honor Society 

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Carlos is a Senior Biochemistry major, pursuing pre-medand mentor for students with the last name (POR-SHA).

Hometown: Austin, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class so far has been Biochemistry.  It combines what I love about biology with what I love with chemistry in a way that makes every lecture better than the next.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: To chill out. Things may seem hard, and in reality they are, but the only way to get through it all with your head on straight is to relax and realize that you're gonna be fine.

Student organizations involved in: Delta Epsilon Mu, Biology Scholars Program

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Kashish is a Sophomore Biology majorand mentor for students with the last name (SHE-TS).

Hometown: New Delhi, India.

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class was Ochem 1. Even though the class was a tough bullet to swallow, it challenged me to work super hard, think smarter and go to great lengths to get answers to questions! 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: I wish I went out with friends more often, and participated in more organizations! 

Student Organizations involved in: Texas Ballroom & Longhorn Best Buddies 

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Jessie is a Junior Biology BSA major, and pursuing a Business of Healthcare Certificateand mentor for students with the last name (TU-Z). 

Hometown: I am currently living in Katy, TX but I was born in the Shandong Province in China!

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class at UT is actually Organic Chemistry I with Dr. Shabbir. Don't get me wrong, this class was definitely challenging and nowhere near an "Easy A" class. But this class taught me how to manage a stressful subject and work with my test anxiety, and I have met a bunch of ambitious friends that I still hang out with frequently.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Study hard but also enjoy your freshman year! 

Student Organizations involved in: Biology Scholars Program, Freshman Research Initiative, Texas HOSA, Dell Children's Medical Center volunteering. 

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