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1. How do I apply for a scholarship in the College of Natural Sciences as an entering freshman?

Prospective students who have been admitted into the College of Natural Sciences and who have indicated a CNS major as their first choice will be considered for a scholarship from the College.  Students are strongly encouraged to fill out the scholarship application via the ApplyTexas admissions application by the December 1st deadline, as well as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 15th priority deadline.  Information provided on the ApplyTexas scholarship application as well as the FAFSA can be extremely helpful in the review process.

2. What criteria do you use for entering freshman scholarship offers?


The College of Natural Sciences looks at a variety of factors when making scholarship decisions. Scholarship decisions are based on items such as but not limited to merit, leadership and/or need. Since scholarship funding comes from various sources, criteria used to make scholarship selections can vary too.

3. Is the scholarship process competitive?

Yes, the scholarship process is extremely competitive for our prospective students. However, there are many opportunities for students to apply for scholarships as a continuing student. While continuing student awards are still competitive, there are more funds available for continuing scholarships than there are for recruitment scholarships.

4. Who makes scholarship decisions for the College of Natural Sciences?

Prospective student awards are decided upon by administration, faculty and staff directly involved with the admissions process. A committee made up of College of Natural Sciences faculty members and the CNS Scholarship Coordinator evaluates continuing student scholarship applications.

5. What can I do if I don’t receive a College of Natural Sciences entering freshman scholarship?

Prospective students should not be discouraged if they do not receive a scholarship from the College of Natural Sciences. All students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA by the March 15th priority deadline so that they can be considered for any and all financial aid they might be eligible for including other UT scholarships, grants and loans. Students should be sure to visit www.TexasScholarships.org. This website contains information not only on UT specific awards, but also scholarships from outside sources. Please also keep in mind that students are able to apply for scholarships awarded by the College of Natural Sciences on an annual basis.

6. Can I apply for more scholarships after I enroll at UT-Austin?

The College of Natural Sciences invites all CNS undergraduates to submit the CNS Common Scholarship Application every spring. Most CNS departments also have their own awarding process for undergraduate scholarships available to students in specific majors or programs. The College also offers awards such as Summer Research Fellowships and study abroad scholarships. Students are also invited to submit the university scholarship application through the Office of Student Financial Services every year. Continuing students will also have the opportunity to apply for nationally competitive awards such as the Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship and the Goldwater Scholarship. The CNS Scholarship Coordinator works with students to put together the most competitive application possible. CNS students have been very successful at receiving these prestigious awards.

7. When will I be notified if I received a College of Natural Sciences scholarship?

The College of Natural Sciences may begin notifying prospective students of their scholarship status in late February and will continue to send notifications through the month of March.

8. Will I be notified if I did not receive a College of Natural Sciences scholarship?

Only students who have received a CNS scholarship will be notified of their status.