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Read the latest news from the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin


Texas Memorial Museum is Now Texas Science and Natural History Museum

The museum will reopen in September 2023 with offerings for all ages.

Photo of a limestone art deco building with three tall arched windows. Texas Memorial Museum. Texas Science and Natural History Museum.


Texas Science Festival Inspires Texans to Delve into Discovery

Go deep in the heart of science this month and next.

A space telescope, two girls, a planet, a bird and a robot represent science festival events

UT News

Texas Memorial Museum Set to Reopen in 2023 with Renovations and New Exhibits

The University of Texas at Austin and its College of Natural Sciences will renovate and upgrade one of the most historic visitors' spots on campus...

Statue of a sabertooth cat outside the Texas Memorial Museum


Newly Opened Patton Center for Marine Science Education Offers Opportunities to Explore

A newly renovated and reimagined space for exploring the science of marine life and ecosystems is now open to the public, free of charge, on...

Two young children play at an exhibit that shows underwater sea life on a screen

UT News

UT Austin Hires Director for Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lee Clippard has been selected to serve as executive director of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the official botanic garden and arboretum of Texas.

Lee Clippard in a collared sheet stands in an aboretum


Nurdle Patrol Expands its Citizen Scientist Effort to Fight Plastic Pollution on Beaches

Plastic pollution in marine environments has no border, and now neither does the Nurdle Patrol.

Jace Tunnell of the Nurdle Patrol on the beach crouches and picks up plastic pellets to add to a tube


Bay Education Center is Fully Repaired and Reopened after Hurricane Harvey Damage

The Bay Education Center, operated by the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve, a program of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, is reopening with...

Bay Education Center exhibits show animals such as a coyote and javelina


Record Number of Turtles Rescued at University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Winter Storm Uri caused damage and hardship across the state of Texas, and at the Port Aransas campus of the University of Texas at Austin...

Volunteers wearing face masks cater in an indoor area to dozens of sea turtles


Decoding a Drop of Water to Understand Life on the Texas Coast

You can swim, but you can't hide.

Two women in hats stand in the bay waters, one holding a bucket and one with a net


UT Marine Science Institute Teams with SeaWorld San Antonio

When SeaWorld San Antonio unveiled and opened Turtle Reef™, featuring non-releasable sea turtles in a first-of-its-kind habitat, part of the focus was on its partnership...

A sea turtle floats in an aquarium with tropical fish in the background