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The Achilles Heel That Could Lead to Universal Coronavirus Treatments

Alone, this target might not be strong enough to directly block infection, but might be used to jump-start or boost an immune response

A man in white lab coat holds a three dimensional model of a viral protein and an antibody attached


UT Austin a Key Player in Science’s Hottest Research Areas for 2023

Researchers at UT Austin are involved in some of the most exciting areas of science and driving groundbreaking discoveries and technologies that impact our world.

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How Amphibious Plants Rewired a Gas Exchange Pathway to Survive in Water

Just as humans cannot breathe underwater, the tiny pores of plants can't exchange air underwater.

When grown on land, the amphibious plant Rorippa aquatica produces pores called stomata (left); but grown in water, it does not. Credit: Shuka Ikematsu.


McLellan Wins Major Awards from Welch Foundation, National Academy

Jason McLellan receives the NAS Award in Molecular Biology and the Norman Hackerman Award from the Welch Foundation.

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How a CRISPR Protein Might Yield New Tests for Many Viruses

How a CRISPR Protein Might Yield New Tests for Many Viruses

A protein holds open the two strands of a DNA double helix


Dense Bacterial Populations Create Mutant Breeding Grounds for Antibiotic Resistance

Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have found a new contributor to antibiotic resistance: bacterial swarms that create ideal breeding grounds to evolve...

Overlapping pink and purple circles surrounded by dandelion seeds.


Students Win Big at International Synthetic Biology Competition

Undergraduate students at UT Austin are recognized for their work which could save bats from a condition that is often deadly and dangerous.

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New Research Advances Fight Against Human Metapneumovirus

New findings could lead to a vaccine for one more respiratory virus.

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Department of Molecular Biosciences

Potential New Drug Target Could Boost Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Drugs

A large family of reverse transcriptases (RTs) could inspire new drugs to improve cancer treatments

Illustration of a protein that looks like a tangle of curled ribbons in white, grey and green

Department of Molecular Biosciences

New Era at UT Austin Begins for Famous Long-Term Evolution Experiment

The Long-Term Evolution Experiment, one of the most famous in all of science, is now running on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

A scientist in white lab coat holds up a petri dish for observation