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Is Cosmology in Crisis?

A panel of physicists and astronomers grapple with possible cracks in our modern creation myth, the standard model of cosmology.

A dramatic spiral galaxy with orange and red arms and a light blue center


Excavation of Colossal Caverns for Neutrino Experiment Completed

The caverns in Lead, South Dakota, will house the gigantic particle detectors of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.

Cranes and other large equipment working in a large cavern


James Webb Telescope Catches Glimpse of Possible First-Ever ‘Dark Stars’

Stars powered with dark matter still need proving but could reveal clues about the nature of one of the universe’s great mysteries.

Three blurry red dots stand out in the blackness of space


Scientists use Exotic Stars to Tune into Hum from Cosmic Symphony

A team of astrophysicists has found evidence for gravitational waves that oscillate with periods of years to decades.

An illustration depicts colliding black holes causing waves in spacetime


James Webb Space Telescope Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

Hefty young galaxies defy the reigning model of cosmology, called "dark energy + cold dark matter" or ΛCDM.

Six candidate galaxies


Cosmic Dawn III Recreates the Early Universe Epoch of Reionization in Unprecedented Detail

Scientists create the most detailed and accurate simulation ever produced of the first billion years of the universe.

Hot spots appear prominent on a mass of lines that interconnect as in a network


A Physicist’s Search for Beauty

Steven Weinberg aimed to distill the rules of physics down to their simplest, most beautiful essence.

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of an illustration of the Standard Model of Physics


Remembering Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg was best known for his Nobel-prize winning work that unified two fundamental forces of nature — electromagnetism and the weak force.

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of a blackboard


Cosmic Rumbles: New Faculty Probe Universe for Gravitational Waves

A couple who joined the Department of Physics in 2020, Pablo Laguna and Deirdre Shoemaker, study violent events in the universe, like when cosmic heavyweights...

Portrait of a man and woman


Texas Astronomers Revive Idea for ‘Ultimately Large Telescope’ on the Moon

A group of astronomers from The University of Texas at Austin has found that a telescope idea shelved by NASA a decade ago can solve...

A cylinder-shaped telescope on the surface of the moon