Presenting the Texas Podcast Network

September 16, 2021 • by Marc Airhart

Today we're doing something a little different. We're bringing you an excerpt from another great podcast produced here at the University of Texas at Austin, called TX512. It's about all things UT Austin and Texas.

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In this excerpt from the TX512 podcast, host Sam Torres asks guest Sara Robberson Lentz about the Texas Podcast Network, which is a group of more than a dozen podcasts produced across the university, including Point of Discovery. Sara is the managing editor for feature content in the University Communications office and founder of the Texas Podcast Network. After that, Marc Airhart, producer of Point of Discovery, talks about how the podcast started and why we produce it.

Show Notes:

To hear the full TX512 show, go to the episode from July 21, 2021 titled "The Texas Podcast Network": Spotify | Apple | Google

Texas Podcast Network

Music for today's show was produced by: Podington Bear


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