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Stengl-Wyer Postdoctoral Scholars Program

About the Program

Funded by the Stengl-Wyer Endowment, the Stengl-Wyer Postdoctoral Scholars Program provides up to three years of independent support for talented postdoctoral researchers in the broad area of the diversity of life and/or organisms in their natural environments. Scholars can study any groups of organisms, at levels from genes to populations to communities to ecosystems, and can use any combination of approaches. The award competition is conducted annually. The form and timing of competitions may change in subsequent years. 

Scholars will:

  • conduct cutting-edge research over three years;
  • have access to the outstanding core facilities at UT Austin, including field stations, natural history collections, and extensive capabilities in computation, genomics, imaging and other areas;
  • primarily focus on research, but in one of the three years, also develop a teaching or outreach effort related to their interests and career goals;
  • participate in semi-monthly luncheons with other fellows or guests;
  • receive career mentorship.

Scholars are expected to be highly independent and propose their own research program. Applicants should identify one or more faculty from the College of Natural Sciences who will guarantee laboratory space and serve as mentor. Successful Scholars will be encouraged to interact broadly and collaborate with other faculty, postdocs, and graduate students at UT.


Spring 2020 Stengl-Wyer Scholars


Thomas Bytnerowicz

What processes control nitrogen fixation across tropical and subtropical biomes?

Shana Caro

How evolutionary conflict shapes parental investment in European starlings, Sturnus vulgaris

Chase Smith

Unraveling the origin and evolution of sex determination in a group of parasitic bivalves with doubly uniparental inheritance