1. What do you value most when reviewing freshman applicants?

High academic achievement as well as demonstrated interest in and aptitude for science and math is strongly considered in the freshman review process. Read more in the Getting In: Freshmen section.

2. How hard is it to be admitted to the College of Natural Sciences?

More and more students seek math and science degrees making the College of Natural Sciences the largest college at UT-Austin. With many more applicants than we can accept, admission to the College of Natural Sciences has become increasingly competitive. Students are considered amongst others in their respective applicant pool and so, while interest in Natural Sciences continues to increase, the level of competitiveness varies from year to year.

3. I'm eligible for automatic admission to UT-Austin. Does that mean I'll be automatically admitted into the College of Natural Sciences as well?

Not necessarily. The College of Natural Sciences works collaboratively with the Office of Admissions. We review applications for Natural Sciences based on academic fit and interest in our programs. Therefore, a student may be eligible for admission to the University but not selected for our college. 

4. What SAT/ACT score do I need to get into CNS?

The average SAT and ACT scores for admitted students were 1280 (SAT) and 30 (ACT). You can see more admissions statistics for the 2017 entering freshman class in our Freshman Class Profile section. 

5. Does the College of Natural Sciences require SAT subject tests?

No. SAT subject test scores are not evaluated in the admissions process. 

6. How early should I apply to maximize my chances of getting admitted?

Students are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the deadline. Nearly 40,000 freshman applicants apply for summer or fall admission. Students are encouraged to submit their applications before November 1 to allow sufficient time for processing. UT-Austin and the College of Natural Sciences do not offer early decision or early action for general admission, and applying early does not influence the admission decision. All applicants who submit complete applications on time are considered for admission. More information about admission deadlines can be found here:

7. Where should I send my application materials and how do I know they have been received?

Any materials you wish to be considered for admission must be received by the Office of Admissions. Many items can be uploaded online and their receipt verified on your MyStatus page. MyStatus is a personalized notification site managed by the Office of Admissions. MyStatus is where you will verify receipt of your application materials, submit major change requests, upload additional documents, and find your admissions decision. Housing, Financial Aid, Orientation and other services can also be accessed through MyStatus. Your MyStatus page becomes active 24-48 hours after submitting your UT-Austin ApplyTexas application.

8. Where can I find information to help me decide on a major for my application?

There are a number of resources to help students hone in on an academic major.

  • CNS Majors and Departments – offers detailed descriptions and facts about CNS majors
  • Wayfinder – Interactive website providing individual assessments and modules to explore potential career paths and all UT-Austin majors. 
  • Career Services

9. I have already submitted my Apply Texas application; can I still change my major?

Major changes for applicants who are awaiting a decision can often be made before the application deadline through your “My Status” page. Sometimes a major change requires submitting an appeal for consideration and is only offered based on qualifications and space in the program. The Office of Admissions handles all major change requests for incoming students prior to the first class day at UT-Austin.

10. When will I be notified of my admission?

Individual admission decisions are released by the Office of Admissions as they are finalized. Some students may learn about their admission to the University weeks or months before finding out if they have been accepted into their college/major. All admissions decisions, including major updates, will post on the student’s “My Status” page before receiving letter notification in the mail.

  • Summer/Fall Freshman: Anytime between late fall and March 1.
  • Summer/Fall Transfer: Summer – Between late March and May; Fall – Between April and June.
  • Spring Applicants: Notifications are sent on a rolling basis. Check with the Office of Admissions for more information.

11. I was admitted to UT-Austin but not to the College of Natural Sciences. What can I do?

Consider joining the College of Natural Sciences as an internal transfer student.

12. I was not admitted to UT-Austin. What can I do?

Consider re-applying as an external transfer student.