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UT Austin a Key Player in Science’s Hottest Research Areas for 2023

Researchers at UT Austin are involved in some of the most exciting areas of science and driving groundbreaking discoveries and technologies that impact our world.

Individuals looking at a display of outer space


Texas Science Festival Inspires Texans to Delve into Discovery

Go deep in the heart of science this month and next.

A space telescope, two girls, a planet, a bird and a robot represent science festival events


Hobby-Eberly Telescope Reveals Galaxy Gold Mine in First Large Survey

Astronomers have barely scratched the surface of mapping the nearly endless stars and galaxies of the heavens.

The Hobby-Eberly Telescope is lit from within at dusk as clouds loom in the background


Postdoctoral Fellow Receives Inaugural NAS Science Communication Award

Arianna Long of UT Austin has been recognized for her communication of research on the evolution of the universe.

Portrait of a woman


Visualizing Science 2016: Beautiful Images From Researchers in CNS

As part of an ongoing tradition, this past spring we invited faculty, staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences community to send us...

A simulation of subsurface waves crashing.


Visualizing Science 2015: Beautiful Images From College Research

As part of a continuing tradition, we invited faculty, staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences community to send us images this past...

A map of DNA fragments sequenced from the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. The dead zone is an area of low oxygen in the Gulf. Each square is a different DNA fragment from the water. The colored groupings—based on similar DNA sequence composition—represent genomes of newly discovered species that are important to the ecosystem.