1. What do you value most when reviewing transfer applicants?

A clear path towards math and science (interest and experience) and strong academic performance in related coursework is valued most in the transfer admission process. Read more in the Getting In: Transfer section.

2. Can I check which of my credits will transfer to UT?

Yes, if you attend another college or university in Texas, you can check credit transfers using our Automated Transfer Equivalency system. If you attend a college or university outside of Texas, your credits from your previous institution will be reviewed by the university during the application review process. 

3. Does the 30 credit hour minimum count only in-residence credit hours from my previous college/university?

No, the 30 hours includes any dual credit or AP credit hours you have claimed in addition to in-residence credit hours. However, the 30 hours all must be transferable to UT. If you are currently attending another Texas college or university, you can check whether a course credit will transfer using our Automated Transfer Equivalency system.

4. Will grades for the courses I'm enrolled in at the time of my application be considered in the application process?

No, UNLESS you have less than 30 credit hours at the time of your application for transfer but will have at least 30 credit hours by the end of the semester during which you apply for transfer. If you already have more than 30 credit hours, only the credits you have already completed will be considered. 

5. I'm a student from another college or university. Can I take classes at UT during the summer?

Yes. You can apply to be a summer transient student. You can read more about the application process here

6. Can I take some science and math courses at UT without pursuing a degree?

Nondegree-seeking students without a college degree can apply as summer transients (see question 5 above). Nondegree-seeking students who have a bachelor's degree can apply to UT as a nondegree-seeking transfer student. You can read more about the process under the heading "Enrollment as a Nondegree Student" here

7. Am I able to meet with an academic advisor to discuss my transcripts and class transferability?

CNS advisors are only able to meet with current CNS students. For students who are in-state, we recommend using transfer resources from the UT-Austin Office of Admissions to evaluate course transferability. 

Out of state students: Evaluation of individual courses taken at out-of-state institutions is not available over the phone, in person or by email. Specific course evaluations and decisions about the transferability of individual courses are made only after an applicant has been admitted.

8. Does CAP guarantee my admission to my desired major in CNS?

As a CAP student, admission to CNS is competitive and you are not guaranteed admission to any CNS majors. Please see the External Transfers page for information about the CNS external transfer process.