Graduation 2023

Event starts at this time May 6, 2023
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Welcome to 2023 Commencement

Congratulations to College of Natural Sciences graduates for the 22–23 academic year!

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11:30 AM ceremony
Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Neuroscience
3:30 PM ceremony
Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Human Ecology, Human Development and Family Sciences, Nutrition, Public Health, Textiles and Apparel

PROCESSIONAL – “Pomp and Circumstance,” Sir Edward Elgar

David Vanden Bout, Dean

Joe Hanson, B.A. ’03 Biochemistry, Ph.D. ’13 Cell and Molecular Biology

Michael Drew, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Ren Smith, B.S.A. Neuroscience, Honors, Dean’s Honored Graduate, Distinctions in Research & in Service and Leadership (11:30 AM ceremony)
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade, B.S. Public Health, B.A. African and African Diaspora Studies, Dean’s Honored Graduate, Distinctions in Research & in Service and Leadership (3:30 PM ceremony)

Anneke Chy, Assistant Dean for Advising and Student Support
Michael Drew, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Ruth Shear, Professor of Practice, Freshman Research Initiative
Steve Vokes, Associate Professor, Molecular Biosciences
Tepera Holman, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Student Programs

David Vanden Bout, Dean

FACULTY RECESSIONAL – “Recognition March,” John Philip Sousa

“Applause,” Lady Gaga (11:30 AM ceremony)
“Tongue Tied,” Grouplove (3:30 PM ceremony)


Congratulations from the Dean

Dear Graduates,
Congratulations on all of your accomplishments that have led you to this point! You would not be here, were it not for a lot of hard work, dedicated effort and considerable determination, amid the many challenges in recent years.

There has never been a more important moment for science and for education than the one we are living through now. You will find that the time you spent here in the College of Natural Sciences puts you in a strong position to navigate changes ahead and be a leader for years to come.

Our graduates go out and change the world. They are innovators, professionals, change-makers, scientists and leaders. And today, as you leave our campus, you get to join this select group of people. Welcome to the rich, diverse network of College of Natural Sciences alumni!

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I wish you all the best for the next chapter in your journey. Have a wonderful commencement celebration, and enjoy time with the people who supported you along the way. Most of all, I hope you will take pride in becoming a graduate of the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.

David Vanden Bout
Robert E. Boyer Chair and Mary Ann Rankin Leadership Chair in Natural Sciences

Speakers, Faculty & Graduates of Distinction

Commencement Speaker

Joe Hanson

Joe Hanson, Ph.D., is a science writer, biologist, host, video producer and educator. His quest is to explore ways that digital storytelling can help people think more deeply about the universe they live in.

He’s the creator and host of “Be Smart,” an award-winning science education show from PBS Digital Studios that celebrates curiosity and the pleasure of finding things out. “Be Smart” has amassed more than 4.7 million subscribers and earned almost half a billion views on YouTube.

Joe is also the creator and co-host of “Hot Mess,” a show about climate change and the environment, and the host and co-writer of “Overview,” an aerial photography show focused on nature and science stories, both from PBS.

He won the 2017 Webby Award for Best Web Personality for his work on “Be Smart” and a 2021 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award for his work on “Overview.”

Joe received his Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin, and his science writing has been published by WIRED, Nautilus, Scientific American and Texas Monthly. He has appeared in numerous national and international print and broadcast media outlets including CNN and NPR. One time, he had a Twitter conversation with an astronaut while they were in space, which was pretty cool. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Student Speakers

Ren Smith

(11:30 A.M.)
Ren Smith is a member of the Polymathic Scholars Program and is graduating with an Honors B.S.A. in Neuroscience, with certificates in Forensic Science and Evidence and Inquiry. They began research in the Microbe Hackers stream of the Freshman Research Initiative under the guidance of Dr. Dennis Mishler and continued working with the stream throughout their time at UT. In a collaborative project between the labs of Dr. Jeffrey Barrick and Dr. Nancy Moran, Ren investigated symbiont-mediated RNAi in bee species and presented their research at several events, include the Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium at Rice University. Their work has earned the CNS and Thermo-Fisher Scientific Awards for Excellence in Molecular Biology and awards for outstanding presentation. In addition to this research, Ren has studied the consequences of political and ideological polarization and completed a thesis entitled “The Value of Incorporating Sociohistorical Nuance in Mis/disinformation and Polarization Research,” with the help of their faculty supervisor Dr. Samuel Woolley. Ren is also an emergency medical technician and will continue working as an EMT in the Austin area after graduation. Moving forward, Ren is interested in investigating clinical neuropharmacology and intersectional approaches to healthcare, and they are applying to medical school to pursue these passions.

Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade

(3:30 P.M.)
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade is a proud Nigerian and South Asian woman, born and raised in Houston, Texas, and graduating with a B.S. in Public Health, a B.A. in African and African Diaspora Studies and a certificate in Pre-Health Professions. During her time at UT, Tolu has worked as a Freshman Research Initiative peer mentor, a mentor for the Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science and a course assistant in public health, Black Studies and integrative biology. Most recently, she has served as an intern at a local reproductive justice organization, course assistant for a health equities course and research assistant in a Black reproductive justice laboratory under Dr. Nessette Falu. As a recipient of the President’s Award for Global Learning, Tolu and her team were able to create an independent magazine entitled, Hair, highlighting phenotypic attributes and collective care to explore the impact on BIPOC members’ journey through postsecondary education in the U.S. and U.K. Above all, she is guided by radical love and care for her communities and hopes to always amplify and uplift the narratives of those often cast aside and erased.


11:30 AM

Departmental Chairs and Program Leaders
Janice Fischer, Biology Instructional Office
Jenny Brodbelt, Department of Chemistry
David Cannatella, Department of Integrative Biology
Edward Buskey, Department of Marine Science
Jeffrey Gross, Department of Molecular Biosciences
Robert Messing, Department of Neuroscience
Leanne Field, Medical Laboratory Science

Ceremonial Mace Bearers
Ruth Shear, Freshmen Research Initiative
Tepera Holman, Diversity and Student Programs

Adrian Keatinge-Clay, Department of
Molecular Biosciences
Alexandra Eusebi, UTeach
Brett Baker, Departments of Marine Science and Integrative Biology
Darrin Brager, Department of Neuroscience
Deanna Buckley, UTeach
Jeffrey Barrick, Department of
Molecular Biosciences
Jen Moon, Biology Instructional Office
John Mihic, Department of Neuroscience
Martin Poenie, Department of Molecular Biosciences
Micky Marinelli, Department of Neuroscience
Molly Cummings, Department of
Integrative Biology
Ruth Shear, Freshmen Research Initiative

3:30 PM   

Departmental Chairs and Program Leaders
Volker Bromm, Department of Astronomy
Don Fussell, Department of Computer Science
Stephen Russell, School of Human Ecology & Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
Thomas Chen, Department of Mathematics
Molly Bray, Department of Nutritional Sciences
Pablo Laguna, Department of Physics
Sonia Gonzalez, Public Health Program
Kate Calder, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences
Sara Stewart Stevens, Division of Textiles and Apparel

Ceremonial Mace Bearers
Peter Onyisi, Department of Physics
Tepera Holman, Diversity and Student Programs
Alison Norman, Department of Computer Science
Arie Israel, Department of Mathematics
Caitlin Casey, Department of Astronomy
Ettienne Vouga, Department of Computer Science
Gail Chovan, Division of Textiles & Apparel

Dean’s Honored Graduates

11:30 AM

Pearlyn Yi Hui Ang, B.S.A. Biology, Highest Honors, Distinction in Service and Leadership
Eva Beckett, B.S. Neuroscience, High Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Neuroscience, Distinction in Research
Olivia Conway, B.S. Biochemistry Honors, High Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Biochemistry, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Eleanor Dowell, B.S.A. Biochemistry Honors, B.A. Iberian & Latin American Language and Culture, Highest Honors, Distinction in Service and Leadership
LuLu Eisenberg, B.S. Neuroscience, Distinctions in Research & Entrepreneurship
Katherine Faulkner, B.S. Environmental Science Honors, Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Biology, Distinction in Research & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Ria Goyal, B.S. Biochemistry Honors, B.A. Plan II, Highest Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Biochemistry, Distinction in Service and Leadership
Victoria Maria Grisson, B.S Biology in Marine & Freshwater Science, Honors, Distinction in Research
Huong Nguyen Xuan Le, B.S. Medical Laboratory Science, High Honors, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Jorge Ramirez Salinas, B.S.A. Biology, Highest Honors, Distinction in Research
Ren Smith, B.S.A. Neuroscience Honors, Honors, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Maya Kayla Webb, B.S. Neuroscience, High Honors, Distinction in Research
Gulu Xiong, B.S. Chemistry in Chemical Physics & Instrumentation, High Honors, Distinction in Research
David Yang, B.S. Biology Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Biology, Distinction in Research
Kevin Albert Zhou, B.S. Chemistry in Material Chemistry, Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Chemistry, Distinction in Research & Service and Leadership

3:30 PM

Eli Joseph Bradley, B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Computer Science Turing Scholar Honors, Distinction in Research
Riya Chaudhry, B.S. Human Development and Family Sciences Honors, Distinctions in Research & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Brandon James Curl, B.S. Physics Honors, B.S.A. Biochemistry Honors, Highest Honors, Distinctions in Research & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Haley Nicole Etzler, B.S. Nutrition Honors, Highest Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Nutrition, Distinction in Research
Holland Frieling, B.S. Physics Honors, B.A. Plan II, High Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Physics, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Matthew Giordano, B.S. Computer Science Turing Scholar Honors, High Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Computer Science, Distinction in Research
Isabella Hernández, B.S. Human Development and Family Sciences Honors, Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Human Development and Family Sciences, Distinctions in Research & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Megan Khiet Le, B.S. Computer Science Integrated, B.S. Mathematics, B.A. English, High Honors, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade, B.S. Public Health, B.A. African and African Diaspora Studies, Distinctions in Research & Service and Leadership
Aniket Sanghi, B.S. Physics, B.S. Astronomy, Highest Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Astronomy, Distinction in Research
Stanley Wei, B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Computer Science Turing Scholars Honors, Special Departmental Honors in Computer Science, Distinction in Research
Camille June Willett, B.S. Textiles & Apparel in Apparel, Functional and Technical Design, Honors, Distinctions in Entrepreneurship & Service and Leadership

CNS Distinctions

Students who have distinguished records of service, excellence, leadership, research achievement, inclusivity involvement and entrepreneurialism are nominated by faculty, staff and peers for College of Natural Sciences Distinctions. A review committee selects students from among those nominated who made substantial impact through their contributions during their time at The University of Texas at Austin.

Distinction in Research

Adan De Hoyos
Alexis Grace Gregg
Ali Askari
Aneesa Zarah Bhakta
Aniket Sanghi
Anish Jaitly Nayak
Ashley Shin Hoffman
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade
Ayush G. Iyer
Brandon James Curl
Caroline Anna Seyer
Daniel K. McIntosh
David Yang
Dina Marissa Orozco Royval
Don Le
Eli Joseph Bradley
Elvin Yang
Emmanuella Enemabasi Bassey
Esther Yoon
Eva Beckett
Fredrik Elmquist
Gift Owolabi
Grace Yuxin Zhou
Grant Edward Kluber
Gulu Kevin Xiong
Haley Nicole Etzler
Han Pham
Holland Frieling
Humberto Regalado Jr.
Huong Nguyen Xuan Le
Ian Chiu
Irtiza Sakif Islam
Isaac Daniel Huegel
Isabella Hernandez
Jean Nie
Jesus Alberto Muñoz Castañeda
Jorge Luis Ramirez
Kaitlyn Lee
Katherine Faulkner
Kevin Albert Zhou
Laurel Miller
LuLu Eisenberg
Matthew Robert Giordano
Maya Kayla Webb
Megan Le
Miguel Angel Belmonte
Navya Cheruku
Nia Meesung Choi
Olivia Conway
Olivia Swain
Omar Malik
Philippe Edward Papa
Pramati Madugula
Pravnav Atreya
Priya Kale
Priya Mahableshwarkar
Raj Jayesh Raval
Raquel Mejia-Trujillo
Reed Zimmermann
Ren Ngo
Ren Smith
Riya Chaudhry
Ryan Lung-Ming Arnott
Saisinzita Cheruvu
Samuel John Ziegelbein
Sarah Mayberry
Shyon Ahmadi
Stanley Wei
Suchit Chidurala
Thomas Huy Dang
Victoria Maria Grisson
Zainab Raza
Zamira Katharine Harris-Ryden

Distinction in Service & Leadership

Alyssa Horrell
Amaris Yocheved Mendoza
Aneesha Prashant Dandekar
Antara Gupta
Ashlynn Nicole Barrera
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade
Camille Willett
Caroline Anna Seyer
Carrie Meng
Catherine Zhang
Chance Adrian Castaneda
Cristhy Herrera Ureña
Divya Nagarajan
Eleanor Dowell
Elisabeth Anne Banks
Elise Ann Payne
Emily Britton May
Emily Lauren Wade
Erika Tan
Ezequiel Lozano
Grace Danielle Baird
Holland Frieling
Huong Nguyen Xuan Le
Jake Woods
Jalen Antwan Wilson
Jalyn Derry
Janice Mina Oh
Ji Min Chon
Joshua Allen Hess
Kaitlin Eunhee Shin
Kaitlyn Lee
Kareena Kaur Shokar
Kevin Albert Zhou
Krisha Tripathy
Leahana Haberman
Mackenzie Louise Coffin
Megan Le
Nia Meesung Choi
Olivia Conway
Omar Malik
Pearlyn Yi Hui Ang
Raquel Mejia-Trujillo
Ren Smith
Ria Goyal
Ryan Lung-Ming Arnott
Sahithi Adduri
Sami A. Joudeh
Sarah Soubra
Savannah Atchley
Shawn Michael Naseiro
Simran K. Shah
Ximena Pastor Navarro
Yuyin Jiang
Zoe Nicole Martinez

Distinction in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Akhil Mandalapu
Antara Gupta
Brandon James Curl
Catherine Zhang
Dina Marissa Orozco Royval
Emmanuella Enemabasi Bassey
Esther Yoon
Georgia Letchford
Gift Owolabi
Hadis Askari
Haley Brown
Isabella Hernandez
Jensen Richardson
Joyce He
Katherine Faulkner
Krisha Tripathy
Pritika Paramasivam
Riya Chaudhry
Sameeha Rizvi
Shristi Chitlangia
Thomas Huy Dang
Tyler Avery Durham
Valerie Nicole Lynch
Varshinee Sreekanth
Ximena Pastor Navarro
Zamira Katharine Harris-Ryden

Distinction in Entrepreneurship

Akhil Mandalapu
Ali Askari
Camille Willett
Catherine Perry
Dontae Teuton
Emily Faith August
Gabriela Vergara
Hadis Askari
Hashir Baig
Ingrid Villarreal
LuLu Eisenberg
McKenna Elaine Wheeler
Noel Leah Asmann
Shreyas Satewar
Stephan Jabs

Degree Candidates

Honors*   High Honors**   Highest Honors***

Bachelor of Arts

Christian Amburgey
Katharine Blocker
Samuel Bennett Easton**
Samuel S. Elliott
Gloria Johanna Hidalgo
Kevin R. Jacob
Kuzon Yousef Khan
Kevin Li
Salomone Martinez
Diego Morales-Burnett
Daniela Serrano Suarez**
Hayden Shaw
Da Teng
Isabelle T. Thai
Leticia Isis Vega
Jalen Antwan Wilson
Anyang Wu
Jonathan Zhao*

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Astronomy

Macy Elise Bell
Maya Lillian Broetje Bairstow*
Mia Watson Fong
John Bradford Gann
Abigail Gilbert
Zixi Lei**
Henry Addison Long
Sophie Grace Prabhakar
Julian Austin Cleve Sennette
Kailee Turner**
Sabiha Younus

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Biochemistry

Stephen Achilles
Saeed Ahmed
Mohammad A. Al-Omari*
Isabel Susana Alamo
Karina Vianney Alfaro
Samantha Alley
David Alvarado Flores
Ali Askari*
Hadis Askari*
Jesus A. Balderas
Eric Baumann
Rj A. Beatisula Alado
Vanida Ashley Boungnaseng
Jane Catherine Boyle
Cheyenne Bright
Maritza Buendia
Taylor Carpenter
Karen Lynn Chahda
Baidie Chen
Baishuang Chen
Dave Chen
Maanasa Cherukuvada
Suchit Chidurala***
Ian Chiu
Paul Bora Cho
Nia Meesung Choi***
Michelle Huamei Chu
Cloey Katelyne Crouch***
Avery Paige Darilek*
Soham Datar***
Brayan Del Angel
A. Max Denena Jr.
Elizabeth Denney
Elizabeth DeVault
Shelby Devin*
Zeehan Wahid Dewan**
Jia Ling Diau***
Jonathan Dinh***
Amber Tran Do
Kaitlyn A. Do
Eleanor Dowell***
Caelan Ducommun
Maya Liliana Duran**
Irfan Ahmed Eshan
Denisse Flores Lazcano**
Roberto Jesus Fraga
Mallory Michaelle Garcia
Christian J. Garza
Dhruv Gaur**
Srija Ghosh
Kayla Goodman**
Alexis Grace Gregg
Leo Rex Guardione**
Hannah L. Gully
Rachel Guo***
Briana Mari Gutierrez
Anthony Ha
Jack Haber
Ethan Hanks
Ashir Hasan Haque*
Michael Hayes Haydon
Shailyn Yuleinis Hernandez
Matthew Alexander Herrin*
Izabella Zofia Hilmi
Cade Lee Hines**
Tyler Hobbs
Anna Hong*
Vivian Hsu
Kevin Hua
George Huang**
Sophia Hung
Jeff Huynh***
Mohammad Saadi Irfan**
Irtiza Sakif Islam***
Christine Jiang
Michelle Jiang
Gaeun Jo
Presley Jewel Jones
Rachel C. Jung
Julia Kang
Meghana Karimisetty
Anirudha Reddy Karla**
Eyal Kattan
Thomas Kazmierski
Jocelyn Jiwon Kim***
Ryan Sungyoon Kim
Yerim Kim
Alyssa Rose Kinard
Kayla Hana Kopitskie
Sumedha Kota*
Dylan Jacob Kruse**
Justin Quang Le***
Truman Le
Bethany Leach
Priscilla Ledezma*
Connie Jung Lee
Luke Siguang Li
William Li
Andrew Dakay Liquigan
Austin Lu
Anisa Luangaphay
Christina Alejandra Macias
Hibah Nasir Majeed*
Mark Manickath
Jackson Gordon Martin
Destiny Martinez
Erika May McCauley**
Rene Gerardo Menchaca Jr.
Decorian Menefee
Isaac Daniel Miller*
Amogh Misra
Magdalena Tesha Mitchell
Hafsa Moeez
Sarah Morgan
Hailey Nicole Myers
Aliha Naqvi
Elias Nasser
Alonzo David Needum*
Claire Elyse Newman
Alexander-Ho Chanh Nguyen**
Jonathan H. Nguyen
Kathy Dong-Pho Nguyen
Kellen Nguyen
Phuong Thi Bich Nguyen
Vivian Phuong Nguyen***
Vy Phuong Nguyen
Như Hoàn Nguyễn
Anitta Nitto
Nicole Noto*
Paul Oancea*
Janice Mina Oh***
Nneoma Okea
Samantha Carmen Ortiz
Payton Lee Pagan**
Sriya Parchuri***
Gauri Shirish Pargaonkar
Isha Vikas Parikh*
Manav Patel**
Shachi Patel
Niah Nhi Hoang Pham
Vincent Duc Tuan Pham
Israel N. Pouncy
Geetika Prasad
Gia Han Quach
Kalei Ann Ragland*
Nikhita Rajan
Giselle Ramirez
Musa Raza
Rebecca Rivera
Kaitlyn Danielle Robinson
Luke William Roswell
Ryan Russo***
Leylah Butterfly Sacky
Robert Salkin
Ezequiel Sanchez-Garcia**
Estrella Santibanez
Rebecca Scott Schooler
Mukhil Seralaathan***
Myrah Mariam Sheriff
Kevin Hai Shi**
Zainah Siddiqi**
Sargun Singh*
Celina Sit*
Martin T. Skender
Anika Srinath***
Samantha Stein
Eva Stettler
Ryan Yi-Le Su*
Hamzah Taha
Bill Xu Tang
My Thy Tang
Ashton Joseph Thiemer
Katie Tran
Khuong Duy Tran**
Madison Leigh Tran
Thomas Tam Tran
Tiara Thao Tran*
Chloe Eninh Trinh***
Krisha Tripathy***
Julie Thien Thanh Truong
Jared Varias*
Padmashree Venkatraman*
Dalton Villarreal
Cheyanne Voelker
Jerry Wan
Madison K. Wang*
Cameron Elise Washington
Sydney Gray Watson
Jennifer Wei
Matthew Winkley
Jordan Faith Wright*
Troy Wright*
Kelsey Xie
Soobin Yoon
Yoori Yoon**
Juliana Yu**
DJ Zayas
Mandy Zheng
Grace Yuxin Zhou***

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Biology

Obaid Urrahman Abbasi
Ammar Mohammed Abed
Destiny Marie Abell
Sofia Abril
Brenda Lizbeth Aguinaga
Shyon Ahmadi*
Amr Ahmed Safwat Ahmed
Mumin Yassir Ahmed
Nelly Akhmadikina**
Hailey Amanda Allen**
Sanjana Aluru
Maria Julianna Alvarez Parada
Nawfal Marzuq Ameen*
Salma Amor
Arya Sudarshan Anagol*
Thritha Sathish Anand*
Vivek Ananda*
Pearlyn Yi Hui Ang***
Shikha Annem
Hiba Ansari*
Dena Aoufi
Lorenzo Felix Argao*
Anjali Asarpota
Glenda Nicole Asencio*
Elizabeth Avalos
Benedicta Awuah Asamoah
Presley Babb
Safi Ahmed Badarpura
Sandy Safwat Bakheet
Simon Anders Barker
Ashlynn Nicole Barrera
Anna Avery Bass
Sharon Pearl Biju
Kaylee Gage Billstone
Brittany Alexis Bleess
Taelyn Blomster
Mackenzie Brooke Boaze
Gabrielle Boyle
Brandon Zachary Bruce**
Megan Buchar
Julie Bui*
Tiffany Bui
Natleigh Jaymes Burns
Anthony Kain Cantu**
Ivy Cao
Chance Adrian Castaneda
Georgina Ceka
Paola Celis-Ramirez
Valeria Cepeda
Naz Ceylan
Andrew C. Chahda*
Hanson Chan
Ethan Wei Chang
Brenda Chavez
Jocelyn Chavez
Ji Min Chon
Joonmo Christopher Chun*
Tony Ciampaglio
Jabari Dayvon Clark
Samuel Travis Cobb
Paige Lynne Colbert***
Michael James Collins
Laisha Sinead Constantino
Aryn Jewel Cook
Rowan Craig
Isabella Jordan Crain
Julian Noah Cruz
Andrea Cruz Gonzalez
Caroline Ann Cummings***
Jasmin Angelica Cunningham
Momina Dadi
Kim Leigh Dang
Eve Sophie Dauber*
Logan S. Davis
Olivia Grace Delaune
John Brandon DeVaney**
Yousuf Ahmed Din
Tam Huu Do
Hanna Doan
Julianna Dobrin
Bhavana Sriramya Dokka
Christian Dominguez
Juan Manuel Dorado Jr.
Hannah Duong
Tyler Avery Durham***
Keerthana J. Duvvuri
Maxwell Harrison Edelheit
Jacob Eggleston
Reece Meredith Elowe*
Hannah Engebretson*
Nikhil Erabelli*
Bryan Alexis Escobar
Sara Alexis Escobar
Caroline Mar B. Escuin
Vanessa Espitia
Mahnoor Faheem
Iyilia Falcon
Matthew Fein
Allyson Denee Felty
Vanessa Monique Fernandez
Diego Fernandez Jr.
Abegail Flores
Andrea Flores
Ashlyn Mae Fogg
Jake Foster**
Amanda Fragoso*
Gavin Robert Fullerton
Sriman Reddy Gaddam
Elizabeth Garcia
Sarina Garcia
Tambrey Nicole Gardner
Brittney Ann Garza
Hanna Yalew Gedamu
William H. Gensler
Maria Maged Ghaly
Skyla Morgan Gilmore
Victoria Daniela Gizynski
Megan Godart
Margaret Evelyn Godfrey
Annaliese N. Gonzales
Abraham G. Gonzalez
Chasity Dena Gonzalez
Kaylyn Aileen Gonzalez
Zhabian Jesus Gonzalez
Elvi Joann Grande
Jordyn Olivia Green
Victoria Guadalupe Griffin
Megan Lindsey Gruber
Jessica Guardado Gonzale
Andrea Guardiola
Yujin Han
Mithila Harirama
Viviane Celine Harle
Velyssa Jayde Hartono
Jordyn Taylor Haskins
Katrina Nicole Hein
Makayla Yvette Henry
Daniela Kalid Hernández
Megan Trang Hoang
Samantha Ngoc Anh Hoang**
Tracy Truong Hoang
Katy Houshidari
Allison M. Howe
Kennedy Hunter
Jae Yeon Hwang
Manya Iyer**
Nour M. Jaafar
Sophia Jackson
Anna Lee Jacobson
Rhea Jana
Jayme Jenkins**
Sami A. Joudeh**
Jaden Ju**
Eun Bi Jung**
Hyunji Kang
Hailey Kaplan*
Kanika Prashant Kappalayil
Sahithi Sai Kasa
Ravinder Kaur
Esha Gautam Kelkar
Aleigha Tess Kelley
Mary Katherine Kelly*
Jack C. Kendrick
Alexander J. Kim*
Howard Kim**
Phillip Kim***
Jana Kobeissi
Nitya Sree Kodali
Manasa Kotamraju**
Vaishnavi Kothakonda
Negar Koupaei*
Abinaya Kumar
Layla Aysha Kutty***
Katherine La
Jose Laguna
Elizabeth Lam
Natalie Noor Lanners**
Charles Franklin Lano*
Nyssa Lapidus
Sydney Lara
Emily Trang Le
Erin Le
Kaitlyn Lee
Luke Woong Lee
Michelle Yeuk Shun Lee
Emma P. Lehrer*
Hanna N. Lewis
Felicia Lien***
Emily Yuting Lin*
Elle Rose LoFrisco
Madeline Reghan Lomas*
Megan Lopez-Lin*
Pastor Lovo
Lilia Lozano
Valerie Nicole Lynch
Vivian Ma
Shawna Maddox
Andrew J. Manrriquez
Angela Marinovic
Lauren Ester Martinez
Zoe Nicole Martinez
Thomas McGuire
Shobha Melukote
Ajla Memic
Carrie Meng**
Jasrit Kaur Mondair
Katrina L. Moore
Jaycee Ann Morales
Danny Blair Morgan
Rhiannon Morris
Ruvimbo Michelle Muzheve
Katherine Elaine Myers*
Samantha Myers
Athena Najar
Shawn Michael Naseiro**
Catherine Naukam
Ashley Navarro
Amanda Nguyen
Ashley Thanhnhi Nguyen***
Bao-Khanh Do Nguyen
Bruce Nguyen
Christy Anh Thi Nguyen*
Evy Nguyen
Janet Ngoc Yen Nguyen
Julie Thảo-Vân Nguyen
Mary Nguyen
Natalie B. Nguyen
Natalie Nguyen
Taitlin Nguyen
Tu uyen Nguyen
Jimmy T. Nichols
Maisie Danielle Te Nievera**
Dayna Jade O’Donnell
Mabel O’Neal
Precious Amarachukwu Obasi
Joshua Adolfo Ochoa
Sofiu Adedeji Ogunbiyi
Pavel Olariu
Reid Olson
Grecia Olvera
Briana Owirodu
Gift Owolabi***
Niharika K. Pakala
Andrea Pantoja
Gabriel Parada
Michele Parks
Anmol Parmar
Elaina Jo Partida
Isaiah C. Pastrano
Ishika Patel
Neil Amit Patel
Richa Y. Patel
Sohni Patel
Elise McKenna Peeples-Purser
Taelor Alexandria Pena
Anna Pham
Megan Thuy Tien Phan
Tiffany Phan
Mac Phillips
Westley Pollard
Safiya Popalzai
Ivi Pretzantzin Tzul
Alison Purcell
Samuel Quirino Iniguez
Sarah Asim Qureshi
Raghavi Rajesh
Jorge Luis Ramirez***
Rahul Ranganath
Frida Paola Rangel
Alessandro Rasmussen
Audrey Reid Ratliff
Raj Jayesh Raval
Anchita P. Raybarman
Arman Razaali
Deisy Lupita Regalado
Gloria Mercedes Remmert*
Sarah C. Resendez
Jensen Richardson
Emerson Andrew Rinewalt
Rebecca Isabel Rodriguez
Diego Rojas
Darian Ryl Roman
Kaitlyn Rouse
Sina Saberi Vand Chali
Cristina Salas***
Jonathan Cole Saldeen
Marissa Iliana Saldivar
Ryan Jay Scheel
Raegan G. Schorp
Audrey Schulze
Jeremy Seals***
Emily Sears
Lauren Seheult
Caroline Anna Seyer
Sidney Paris Sharp
Andrew Sheng
Samad Mohammed Siddiqui
Jishel Sierra Mozo
Jennifer Sifuentes
Ashish D. Siripuram**
Shishira D. Siripuram
Sydney Slocum
Danielle Smith
Laura Anahi Sosa
Rakshith Srinivasa
Samuel Jennings Starr
Dane Randall Sterndahl
Aashnika Sujit**
Rida Syed
Melynda Noelle Sylvester
Alyssa Tacuyan
Alexandria Isabella Tan
Olivia Tang
Kamille Taylor
Yaire Torres**
Huy Khanh Tran
Lauren Truc-Linh Tran
Lynn Anh Tran
Vinh Tran
April Treviño-Gonzalez
Gisela L. Triana-Alvarez
Ceyda Sena Tunca
Uneeb Mohammad Ullah
Disha Rajendra Vazir
Vishnu Vedala
Alicia Michelle Velazco Leyva
Ananya Lakshmi Vennam
Keith Noah Villanueva
Ingrid Villarreal*
Austin Vining
Cindy Vo
Christina T. Vu
Mavyn Anh Vu
Mindy Vu
Christine Noel Wagner***
Naomi Walters
Julia Wasson
Crystal Lynn Webb
Trevor Williams
Anna Wong
Noelle Wong
Fiona Xu
Heidi Yantis
Olivia Marie Yard
Shravya Yarlagadda*
Grace C. Yi
Jong-ho Yoo*
Ivy Zheng
Avery Zuckerman

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Chemistry

Jesus A. Balderas
Liza Rebecca Barron
Rosalva Briana Bravo Ozuna
Lauren Michelle Bruce
Laura Delaine Canales
Wonhong Chu
Grace Elizabeth Clark
Kathryn I. De La Rosa
Alyssa Farber
Jennifer Galdamez
Diana Garcia
Zamira Katharine Harris-Ryden
Subhan Irfan
Ellie Jang***
Mariela Jiménez Rivero
Gabrielle Marie Krempa*
Conrad Frederick Li
Ana Paula Lopez Villagran
Miles Davis Ludington
Minahal Mahmood
Jamie Wasee Mahmud
Brandon Navarro
Dina Marissa Orozco Royval
Henry Pham
Elena Marilee Poon**
Benjamin L. Rogers
Braxton Rush
Quinlin Sandefer
Inaki Sanz Gurruchaga
Yash S. Senjit
Ny’il Sherazee
Teja Sirigina
Catherine Tan**
Conor Thomas***
Kelly Tran*
Asher K. Waker
Div Walia***
Emily Whitworth
Evan Thomas Williams
Cody Wei-Qi Yu
Xinyuan Yu***
Catherine Zhang**
Grace Ziqi Zhang

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science

Summiyah Abbasi
Asim Adhikari
Mueed Ahmad
Lisa Alexander
Berenice Guadalupe Alvarez
Badr Belhiti
Daniel Alfredo Bernal
Pinru Chen
Vanna Chen
Jordan Conklin
Cameron Courtney**
Neal Davar
Nathan Cole Demars
Jalyn Derry
Avin T. deSilva
Maya Coco Dubove
Eduardo Escarcega
Catherine Fang*
Jonathan R. Galang
Srikar Ganti
Rodrigo Xantiago Garcia
Karl Y. Gelinsky
Sweta Ghose
Emmanuel Ugochukwu Ihim Jr.
Amog Iska
Audrey R. Kendrick
Conrad Frederick Li
Tyler Teelman Meador
Ryan Alexander Murray
Hussain Murtaza
Kennedy Alexandria Myles
Don H. Nguyen
Dorothy Xiangxue Nie
Sun O’Brien
Caitlin O’Callaghan
Gbemiga Oyenubi
Aidan Petratos**
Spencer Petty
Michelle A. Sanchez
Blake C. Senn
Kelly Shen
Elizabeth Snider
Ben Taylor***
Anna Thomas
Lilly Tian**
Samantha Minchien Tsai
Ankit Sameer Yande
Joseph Qi-En Yeh

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Human Development and Family Sciences

Leila Rachelle Abel
Falilat Adelakun
Maria Ahmed
Alyssa Michele Alfaro
Hashir Baig
Oluwatoyin Mary Banjo
Elisabeth Anne Banks**
Media K. Barwai
Venice Lauron Bender
Aly Boek
Brooklyn Browning
Emily Buell
Lauren Rae Caldwell
Leah Johnson Carr
Emily P. Castro
Cameron Cerniglia
Anna Karen Chapa
Marcela Chapa
Han Gia Chu
Abigail Faith Coltrin*
Kambry Margaret Cook
Liliana De La Cerda
Raul De Leon
Rachel Alem Dunkley
Isabella Mia Espitia
Desiree Fernãndez
Tyler Davis Finley
Zoë Fowler**
Katie Fuller
Allison Grace Garza
Darreon Kei’Shon Gaut
Kathleen Gill-Floyd
Jaden Goodner
Ana Cristina Guevara
Delia Maria Gutierrez
Della Elisa Gutierrez
Patricia Hernandez
Carolina Herrera Barrientos
Hunter J. Hodges
Rebecca Youbin Hong
Jacquelyn Simone Howard
Chloe Ann Juanico
Lauren Kell
Trisha Minh La
Kathryn Langley***
Georgia Letchford
Jennifer Loera Alvarez
Joey Lopez*
Meagan Elizabeth Massy
Natalie Nicole Mercado*
Isabella Mollick
Mia Graciela Montiel
Madison Jewel Mosley
Alysa Nicole Naranjo
Hosana Neguse
Evelyn Ngo
Ashley Nicole Nguyen
Esther Chimdimna Nnali**
Esther Olajumoke Olanipekun
Leslie Oros
Yunuen Ortiz
Ximena Pastor Navarro**
Miriam Pereira Martinez
Jessica Perez-Saldana
Rebecca Phan
Mandy Renee Piwonka
Emerie Isabel Poblano
Brianna R. Ramirez
Briana Rae Ramsey
Suhani P. Ravani
Yesenia Rebollar
Preeti Palicherla Reddy
Michaela Rentz
Sasha Noel Roberts
Daniela Rodriguez
Shilpa Rumalla***
Destiny Michaela Angelique Salazar
Jennifer Salinas
Willa Scanlon
Prathigya Selvapathi
Jenna Jeeweon Seo
Sarah Sheffield
Noelle Elizabeth Smith
Armoni L. Snow
Lydia Son
Ayden Stotts
Samantha A. Tapia
Gisele Jolie Tavarez
Laura Paola Tenorio
Brenda Bophia Tep
Natalie Nicole Torres
Lucinda M. Vasquez-Vallejo
Maci Weller
Lara Zoghi

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Human Ecology

Diana C. Beltran
Taylor Carpenter
Ifeoluwa Temitope Chris-Rotimi
Erica Marleni Gonzalez
Claire-Lise M. Greve
Anna Rose Jaud
Juli Landez
Hashem Mustafa Mahmoud
Henry Nguyen
My Nga Thi Nguyen
Malvika Patil
Hannah Grace Ramsey
Megan Nicole Williams

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Mathematics

Juan Antonio Artero Calvo
Laila Aziz
Ahmad J. Azizi
Chloe Nina Baba*
Yuzhuo Bai
Damaris Vidal Benitez
Jonathon Briones
Sebastian Castellanos
Christian M. Castro
Jiaping Chen
Siyuan Chen
Hyunseo Choi
Sydney Quynh Dang
Danny Ha Do
Emily Francis
Gabriella D. Gonzales
Sree Gudala**
Shikhar Gupta***
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Guzman
Julia Gwillim*
Cody M. Hayes
Andrew Ewing Heineman
Connor Joseph Hixon
Paris Hookham
Ivan Huicochea
Seunghyun Hwang
Taylor Reese Johnson
Madison Jones
Enayat Kapadia*
Andy Kim
Aten Kumar*
Tyler Benton Lee**
Coral Leitzell
Sydney Dee Leung
Jenny Li
Junlin Li
Andy Liu*
Yixing Ma
Kamal Mamdani
Chloe J. Martinez
Elizabeth Matney
Ethan Lynn McWhirter
Wilmer Jonathan Mejia Maldonado
Brayden McKinley Miller*
Ashwanth Muruhathasan
John Spencer Mustin
Andy Nguyen
Quan Nguyen*
Aaron Ni
Chu Nie
Carley Alexandra Overbergen
Yichen Pan*
Daniel John Perille***
Theresa Pham*
Jonathan H. Phi
Iza Valery Picazo
Rishi Ponnekanti**
Lokesh Pugalenthi*
Samira B. Ravilisetty
Jensen Richardson
Shannon Scofield
Seth Searcy
Ishan Rajiv Shah*
Magdalena Yi-Rou Shen
Sarah Anne Shultz
Halle Thomas
Sean Michael Triece
Amber Etana Vásquez
Tien Nhat Vo
Annabelle Young
Kelly Mingshu Zhou

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Neuroscience

Sylvia Wiafe Akenten
Oluwatuminin Ayomipo Akintan
Elise Alderete
Eshal Amin Ali
Sreeja Ambati
Rana Amtul-Noor**
Alan David Anaya Gallegos
Gracie Kay Anderson***
Tasha Lily Anslyn
Stephen Anthony Barrios
Aaska Basnet
Emmanuella Enemabasi Bassey
Miguel Angel Belmonte
Iliass A. Bendamkila
Nathalie Bermudez
Cathryn Bigham*
Anastasia Biller
Alexis Boundas
James Bradbury
Daniella Angelique Bramblette
Krystin Mae Buenaventura
Ana Lucía Calderón
Izabella Kaileen Calles
Marcos Raul Camacho
Sergio Armando Carranco
Diobenhi Angelita Castellanos
Rohini Chahal*
Michelle Sung Chen
Amulya Anna Cherian
Abhisar Venkata Cherukuri
Ji Min Chon
Jacob T. Clemmons
Mimi Ann Coffey
Chelsea Elizabeth Cohen
Kaitlin Noble Collins
Abigail Faith Coltrin*
Kevin Alexander Cutler
Jessica Yudi Dae*
Paul A. Dartu
Brianna Davies
Jin Park Dawson
Eric Christian De Leon
Bernadine Decapia
Deniz Can Demircioglu*
Natalie Devitto*
Taylor DeWitt
Marilla Nicole Dial Zúñiga
Mateo Alfonso Diera
Megan T. Do
Ryan William Dominguez
Daniela Elizabeth Dorado
Apsaline Douglas
Caroline Dubois-Weber
Peter David Dunlap
Cynthia Adaku Emeremnu
Pooja Enagala
Nicolas Espinosa*
Kyle Vincent Gabarda Feliciano
Ayanna Denise Fisher
Myles Ronan Forgey
Olivia Frolichstein
Zoraida (Zoe) Garcia
Karla Garcia Nunez
Jackson Thomas Gianotti
William D. Goldman
Alejandra Gomez-Lopez
Gabriela Elysis Gonzales
Felix Gonzalez
Janet Goode
Janani Gopal
Louis Guardione
Michelle Marie Guevara
Antara Gupta***
Neeku Hadadnejad
Miki Haruki
Muhammad Hassan
Grace Hatridge
Kayla Lynn Hernandez
Kristopher Hipolito
Jeremy Ho***
Katherine Huang
Ashley Lauren Humphries**
Madison Ha-Nhi Huynh**
Tammy N. Huynh
Ashley Crystal Itzep
Sudhanvan Iyer*
Ethan Jackson
Katherine Lynn Jahraus
Annie Qiancong Jensen-Morgan
Avery Elizabeth Johnson
Dustin Richard Junk
Ashwin Kalidas
Lalitha Kaligotla
Amin Kamalvand
Abhinav A. Karnati*
Nethra Natraj Kaushik
Grace Marcelle Kerendi
Rayyan Khoja
Hayes Koegeboehn*
Sena Kucukkarca
Hailey A. Leal
Harrison Lee
Conrad Frederick Li
Rylie Lillibridge
Jared Lim**
Joy Lin
McKayla Avery Lira***
Daria Locha
Dani Longoria
Annie Lu*
Simran Mahabaleshwarkar
Priya Mahableshwarkar
Omar Malik*
Avery Rose Martinez
Ciara Jordan Martinez-Galvan
Henna Mehmood
Amaris Yocheved Mendoza
Carolyn Abigail Minton
Manizhe Mohsin
Satvik Mojnidar
John Spencer Mustin
Seth C. Narvid
Evelyn Ngo
Dia Nguyen
Katie Nguyen
Quynh Dan Nguyen
Kayla Northrip*
Paul Oancea*
Derick Ankomah Ofori
Precious Ohemeng
Jordan Ortiz
Everett Owens
Mowa Deborah Oyebamiji
Aarati Parajulee*
Pritika Paramasivam
Bunsri H. Patel
Alejandro Perez
Aamani Shree Pillutla
Aarti Poduval
Chloe M. Prahl
Reagan Price**
Faiza Amira Quadri
Ian Matthew Rahwan
Darshana Raju**
Zainab Raza
Karli Redwine
TJ Reeves**
Daniel Cruz Regalado
Ahmed Syed Rehman**
Cassie Lynn Ren
Sabrina Nicole Rodriguez
Eduardo Romero
Jennifer Rosas
Ludivina Salas-Pérez
Daisy L. Saldana
Amani Saleh
Adriana Salome
Annisa Salma-Rooza Salsabila
Anthony Sandoval
Shruti Sangam
Molly Lane Schaff
Ilana Serin
Anokhi Pranay Shah
Malika Sanjeev Shetty
Varenya Shrikant
Kaitlin Sime
Camille Hope Smith
Ren Smith*
Ashara Naomi Somawardana
Ria Sood
Sarah Soubra***
Shwetha Sridhar
Erisa Stokes
Harrison Phillip Stotts
Arvind Surya
Dontae Teuton
Caroline B. Thomas
Sabeen Toranian
Rustin Tourgoly
Mally Townsend
Dominic Nguyen Trinh
Hersh Hitarth Trivedi
Sarah Elizabeth Tucker
Taha Taizoon Tyebjee
Noah Ryan Tyler
Snehi Vaghela
Jaqueline Rocio Valdez
Jessica Varghese*
Jose Romeo Velázquez Huerta
AJ Wachnin
Audrey Elisabeth Ward
Robert Scott Wheeler
Christopher Williams**
Hannah Xu
Brian O. Yazan
Sarah Zebene
Richard H. Zhang

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Nutrition

Onyekachi O. Akamelu
Andrew Anzaldua
Annette Lourdes Avila
Rachel Nicole Beese**
Ira J. Benson
Eden Cohen
Billy Jack Cuellar
Kimberly Cuellar
Aneesha Prashant Dandekar
Evelyn Diaz
Janice N. Dong
Rebecca J. Friday*
Ricky Rafael Garcia
Erica Marleni Gonzalez
Gabby Graham
Crystal Guardado
Darrany M. Johnson
Milagros Wildscchut Kennedy
Matthew Bao Khuu
Eunice Somang Kim**
Ravi Thibaut Lai
Katie Tam Le
Rachel Lee**
Tara Claire McCarthy
Mackenzie Nicole Morton
Kaitlyn N. Nguyen
Megan Ngoc-Thu Nguyen*
Chiamaka Stephanie Njoku
Chiamaka Okafor*
Ohm “The Goat” Patel
Paarth M. Patel
Elisabeth Perkins
Joshua Pevoto***
Amanda Pham
Grace O’Donnell Royston
Gabriela Russey
Justin S. Ryu
Neda Siam
Zoe Sugar
Molly Yan Sun***
Johnny Tran
Kaira Tran
Megan Vo
Hannah Grace Wolfmueller
Sieun Rachel Yi
Natalie A. Youngblood

Bachelor of Science and Arts in Physics

Ayan Barua**
Macy Elise Bell
Alexander George Canright
Brandon James Curl***
Emmanuel Flores
Gabriella D. Gonzales
Semyoung Kim
Henry Addison Long
Giselle Medina
Spencer David Neman
Mac Phillips
Beatrix Wong

Bachelor of Science in Astronomy

Sam D. Barber
Zilei Chen
Abriana Joy Fernandez Himantog
Isaac Daniel Huegel
Shahin Jahanbani***
Brandon Lazard
Jake Pritchard Magee
Thomas Njoroge Maina
Christopher Michael Malhas
Aryavir C. Munshi
Neel Nagarajan
Ryan Nowicki
Raul A. Passement
Rian Robison
Aniket Sanghi***
Aditya Sharma
Franke Tang
Emily Lauren Wade
Kaile Wang*
Scott Stephen Williams
Eden Anne Wise

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Lilah Marie Adams
Thomas Gilbert Alexander
Shreyas M. Annaswamy**
Shaylin Mae Ardoin
Noel Leah Asmann*
Emanuel R. Baltrip
Naomi Bancos
Isabel M. Bauhs
Mia A. Beischer*
Gauri Harsha Bellur**
Aneesa Zarah Bhakta**
Andrew Jaguar Boland**
Keaton Wade Brown
Colton S. Bruton
Khoi N. Bui**
Joshua Cabrera
Andrew Do Caluya
Alexander John Carruth***
Catherine Chan
Navya Cheruku***
Surya Chimmiri
Yohahn Cho
Jinho Choi***
Tyler H. Collie
Olivia Conway**
Paul Oluwakunmi Dairo
Vincent Hoang Dang*
Omar Davila
Adan De Hoyos
Jihyun Eom***
Noah Zachary Feinstein
Joelle Beth Goldman
Ria Goyal***
Valerie Marie Gutierrez
Amanda Kimberly Hedges
Rebekah Hernandez
Chris Li-wai Hsu***
Michael Hueste
Ayush G. Iyer***
Tatiana Francesca Julien
Jae Hun Jung
Alexander Karamyshev
Sawad Ahmed Kazi
Doeun Kim**
Anvith Kowtha
Caitlin Kuriakose
Laura Thuy Le
Vivian Huyen Le
Jaebin Lee
Mia Lee
Lauren Michelle Lillie***
Siddhartha Madala
Pramati Madugula***
Susana Martel Molinar
Erin Casey McConnell
Meagan Mehlhop***
Mohammad Hakimuddin Mustafa**
Alfonso G. Navarro Jr.
Canh Nguyen
Dustin V. Nguyen
Dustin-Dat Thanh Nguyen
Minh Huynh Khanh Nguyen
Wilson Hoang Nguyen
Stephanie Nuñez
Raahim Omer
Fatma Ozair
Maryam Patoli
Daniel Richard Person
Evidia Lizzette Pupo Jaimes
Rocita Rana
Humberto Regalado Jr.
Aubrie Ann Rettmann*
John Michael Riojas
Christian Angel Robles
Benjamin L. Rogers
Luke William Roswell
Phillip Frederic Matthew Rouanet
Nesha Rubin
Braxton Rush
Jaden B. Salvatus
Zackary Sandoval
Miles B. Scarbrough
Smit Shah
Kaitlin Eunhee Shin*
Ronald Scott Sistrunk
Dylan Alexander Smith
Isaiah Caleb Spruell-Crenshaw*
Fiza M. Tajdin**
Justin Quy Tran**
Victoria T. Tran
Sophia Ty
Dylan Richard Ulloa
Pooja Vedam
Justin Vu***
Shijie Wang
Carson Ward**
Alexander Weinstein***
Cody Wei-Qi Yu
Xinyuan Yu***
Karen Huilin Zhang***

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Iqra Ahmad**
Jadelynn Lian Kamalan Aki**
Ryan Lung-Ming Arnott
Thara Ayyar*
Sneha Banerjee
Neel Amber Bansal
Aneesha Baral*
Samuel Brady Barrow
Rudy Becerra
Ashlyn Benavides
Kush Kumar Bindal***
Sara Elizabeth Blanco
Gonzalo Botello Lins
Rosalva Briana Bravo Ozuna
Delaney N. Brown
Haley Brown*
Margaret Kate Brutsche
Elizabeth Marion Bunger
Alexa Bella Burchak
Chantelle Alejandra Cancel*
Miranda Elena Carter
Ethan Andre Castillo
Talia M. Chachkes
David A. Champion
Elizabeth Chandler
Jade Lynn Chen
Mallory Chilton
Luis Fernando Chinchilla
Daniel Hyunsung Cho**
Lina Choi*
John Clyde
Jack “Ryan” Coffey
Alexandra Elizabeth Collins
Chloe Evelyn Cowan
Megan Crawford
Kiara Ann Crean
Thanh Uyen T Diep
Abhinav Dommaraju*
Christy T. Du
Sara Ealy
Oghenetahro Cynthia Ekpruke
Mohanad Elchouemi***
Kristen Leigh Fanning
Chase Redmond Faullin
Kailea Noriko Fink
Jonathan Reid Fischer
Jacobi Xavier Fletcher
Courtney Paige Fleurinord
Emily Elizabeth Floyd*
Hayden Flume***
Kyle Folkers
Clarissa Garcia*
Selena Garcia
Kathryn Gershon
Natalie Roxanne Gessner
Trisha Ghotra
Anish Goel
Benjamin J. Gonzales
Chloe Gordon*
Kurt Grabow*
Kaden D. Green
Victoria Maria Grisson*
Isabel Alexis Grudowski
Raquel Haddad
Noah Ryan Haggerty
Nicholas Hartman
Cassidy Hawk
Max Christopher Henshaw
Alex Alexander Herbert
Joshua Allen Hess
Grace Hipple
Lily Hoefner
Sophia Hoefner
Ashley Shin Hoffman
David Hultén**
Mary Joanne Iliukevich**
Esosa Anne Iyoha
Emma Marie Jackson
Justine Jazul*
Yuyin Jiang***
Sanika Jossy**
Kaleb Judd
Sahib Singh Kang
Sadaf Aman Karim
Ahad Ameen Kesaria***
Samuel Carl Klotz
Ananya Devi Kodali***
Stephen Michael Koenig
Raajkiran Komirisetty**
Ilana Jaye Koppel
Jeremy Kubos
Tiffany Kumala*
Kylee Ladner
Jacob Alan Lark
Sean Lau***
Don Le***
Emily Hoang Le
Katherine Bao-Uyen Le**
Kathleen Theresa Leever
Amanda Leonita
Enya Liu
Acacia Anna Lung*
Areesa Mahesania
Fariah Suha Mahmood
Namita Malhotra
Caroline E. Mallinson
Vanessa Martin*
Teresa Sara Martinez
Jose A. Martinez III
Divya Mathew
Raiye Mathewos
Jackie Mawas**
Jacquelene Mayo
Justice Lee McBee
Raquel Mejia-Trujillo*
Travis W. Melton
Rene Gerardo Menchaca Jr.
Alexander Mercadel
Laurel Miller
Treyce Edison Money
Charles Keller Munroe
Ishita V. Murthy
Advait Naganathan
Morgan Daniele Neighbors
Angela Nguyen
Hung Tan Nguyen
Megan Ngoc-Thu Nguyen*
Thi Linh Nguyen
Vian Nguyen
Anna Colleen Nugent
Alexa Olivarez*
Tyler Agustin Olmo
Rhean Palencia
Nikolas Thomas Papanikolaou
Jeyoon Park
Michelle Park
Anjali Narendrakumar Patel
Josh Paul
Lauren Elizabeth Peacoe
Julia Aleczandra Peña
Copeland Wyatt Peters
Austin Pham
Hieu Xuan Pham
Gavin Pitt
Danielle Portice
Hanqi Qian
David Wang Qin
Vivian Quinlan
Muhammad Haider Rehan
Julia Rose Reid
Victoria Beers Renteria
Anita Rhodes
Carolina Rios
Mailin Rocio Rivera Cartagena
Abigail Grace Robertson
David Adrian Rodelas Tokun Ha
Anna M. Rodriguez
Melani Rodriguez
Tia Marie Rose
Estella Roster
Isabella Ruiz***
Shilpa Rumalla***
Trinity Rust
Lily Eva Saba
Gabrielle Mai Sagullo
Alyssa Jo Salazar
Jaden Lianna Salganik
Lida Samadi
George Sayegh*
Taylor Scamman**
Meagan Lou Seesengood
Bridget Semenuk
Hriman Nirav Shah***
Mattie Sherwin*
Aditya Shrawat
Kendall G. Simmons
Jacqueline Simpson
Christina Jane Song
Rashell Synaethra Soria Tavira
Kathleen Linzey Sotelo
Mathew A. Soto
Connor Elliot Stump
Nichole Chao Ying Sum
Olivia Swain
Karolina Sydor
Karina Andrea Tacconi
Betul Sena Tas
Emma Catherine Taurins
Annie Isabella Thomas***
Jordan Lindsey Toler
River Tomlinson
Neysa Tong*
Stephanie Itzel Torres
Katelyn An Tran
Mindy Vi Tran*
Timothy Tran
Temple Claire Trapp**
Kushaal Kumar Vaidya
Erick Ian Velarde
Sneha Venkatesan**
Marianne Claire Villanueva
Christian Vo
Anna Maija Wainwright
Ariel Wang
Meggie Wang
Jewel Ann Westerheide
McKenna Elaine Wheeler
Taylor Cristina Williamson
Laura Wirtanen**
Edward D. Wolbrueck
Alishma Wonch
Maya Isabella Woods
Cheng Pei Wu
Sabrina Jiqing Xin*
David Yang
Mahita Yerramsetti
Penelopi Alexandra Yiantsou
Maya Ylagan**
Sanghun Yoon
Taehyun Yun
Moises Zanabria
Vanessa Lee Zavala
Bryce Zertuche
Sabrina Zheng*
Lauren Zion

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Jaden Nicole Allen
Taylor Nicole Lee Bell
Meghan Taylor Blakeslee
Lorren Alexis Cantú
Morgan Cochran
Mackenzie Louise Coffin
Allison Craig
Avery R. Elliot
Fredrik Elmquist
Kimberly Leann Fair
Alexandra Fowler*
Riley Garrett
Tareq A. Hobrom
Vincent Hochstein
Ryan Khetan
Sridevi Sai Krishnachaitanya
Sage Connor Lewis
Daniel K. McIntosh
Brennan McKinney
Nestor Mejia Velasquez
Diego Montenegro
Jesus Alberto Muñoz Castañeda*
Kimberly Hoang Ngo
Ren Ngo
Marco L. Ozzello
Philippe Edward Papa
Adam M. Peninger
Catherine Perry
Han Pham
Akshara Rajavel**
Alex Nabeel Sahli
Dylan Sharratt
Benjamin Tan
Andye L. Tosh
Austin Raiford Turner
Spencer Michael Willeford
Gulu Kevin Xiong**
Kevin Albert Zhou*

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Summiyah Abbasi
Aly Abdulatif
Musab Abdullah
Jay Alfredo Acosta**
Isaac Gabriel Adams*
Asim Adhikari
Fedor Aglyamov*
Mueed Ahmad
Nikhil Ajjarapu
Ali Raad Al-Adhami
Lisa Alexander
Hamza Ali
Naveen Ali
Yazan Alsukhni
Rami Altai**
Bianca Melissa Alvarado
Berenice Guadalupe Alvarez
Dani Amir
Cristian Astorga
Pranav Atreya
Sean Matthew Au Jong**
F. Pablo Ayala
Anisha S. Bagaria
Sriya Bandaru
Vineeth Srisai Bandi*
Shruti Banerjie
Maxwell Jiang Bao
Priyanka A. Barve
Zain Bashir
Rithik Batchu**
Trent Salazar Becker*
Badr Belhiti
Daniel Alfredo Bernal
Manish Bhandari
Suraj Ramesh Bhat
Siddhi Bhave
Ryan Bickel
Vaishnav Bipin
Tristan Blake
Kyrylo Boiko
Harish Bommakanti
Jose Janssen Bozon
Eli Joseph Bradley
Samson R. Broten
Jarrod Chad Brown
Joshua G. Brown*
Daniel Brunal
Sarunas Budreckis
Vincent Gary Cacciatore
Michael A. Caldwell
Steven Vincent Callahan
Patrick C. Cammarata
Paci Alejandro Cantu
Charles Bao Cao
Michael Wang Cao**
Janlloyd Caermare Carangan
Christopher Carrasco
Blake W. Chambers
Pranav Chandupatla***
Trishton Bryce Chang
Trina Chatterjee
Brice Chen
Christopher W. Chen
Eric Chen**
Jiaxi Chen
Kevin Li Chen
Pinru Chen
Vanna Chen
Anathony Chhang
Ryan Monorith Chhong*
Sumedh S. Chilakamarri
Shristi Chitlangia
Kelly Chiu
Joshua Cho*
Saran Chockan
Pranav V. Chunduru
Jordan Conklin
Alexander J. Corbeill
Cameron Courtney**
Avery Crawley
Diyuan (D1) Dai
Riya Danait
Kushal Dandamudi*
Mayank Daruka
Mehul Daruka*
Santisree Dasari
Neal Davar
Zachary Braeden Davila
Jonathan D. Debella
Alexander Lee Dejong
Jesse DeJong
Nathan Cole Demars
Bo Deng
Jalyn Derry
Ashray Vinayak Desai
Ameya Deshmukh
Avin T. deSilva
Jimmy Gu Ding**
Daniel Dominguez Arroyo
Austin Devin Dominguez-Ward
James Jen-Hao Dong**
Tanner Dreiling
Maya Coco Dubove
Aidan Dunlap
Katherine Elizabeth Eisen**
Antoney Ejimadu
William Eng
Eduardo Escarcega
Matthew Louis Escobar
Charlie Lawrence Esparza
Pranav V. Eswaran
Robyn Fajardo
Catherine Fang*
Helen Fang***
Victor Daniel Favela
Bruno Fazzani
Daniel Fernandez***
Ricardo Flores
Lee Forbes
Denzell Ford
Jarad Forristal
Justin Dean Foster
Finn Frankis*
Richa Ketan Gadre
Jonathan R. Galang
Aryan P. Gandhi**
Srikar Ganti
Gavin Garcia
Rodrigo Xantiago Garcia
Jae Diego Garcia-Herrera
Karl Y. Gelinsky
Michelle Gelman
Angela Geronimo
Moe Ghanem
Avi Ghayalod
Sweta Ghose
Matthew Robert Giordano**
Benjamin Peter Goad
Daniel Gonzalez***
Jeffrey T. Gordon
Varun Gorti**
Jack Gregory Greer
Maria Gu
William Gunawan
Shray Gupta*
Victoria Hall
Steve Han**
Alex Hanlin*
Cole N. Harper
Geethika Hemkumar
Robert Samuel Hill
Brandon Hinh**
Nicholas Huy Hoang
Raymond Hong**
Alex Huang
Nicholas Huang
William Arthur Huang
Vincent Minh Huynh
Emmanuel Ugochukwu Ihim Jr.
Amog Iska
Anand Iyer**
Arnav Iyer*
Harshavardha Jagannathan
Matthew T. Jagen
Sahil Jain
Kaushik Jampala
John Jin*
Kevin Jin
Marlowe Steven Johnson
Amanda Jones*
Daniel Mark Jones
Saahithi Joopelli*
Amit Joshi
Amit Joshi
Govind Joshi
Joseph Kafle
Raju Srirama Kakarlapudi*
Adam Kalman**
Kyle Kamka
Sumedh Kandadai*
Aadhithya Kannan
Rohith Karkala
Nitesh Kartha
Ajith Kemisetti
Audrey R. Kendrick
Hassan A. Khan
Daniel Edward Killough
Kael Rockwell Kirk
David Klingler***
Grant Edward Kluber
Tushar Raj Kohli
Arham Kothari*
Taka Koutsomitopoulos*
Simon Douglas Krauskopf*
Noah Kuhn*
Ameesha Kulkarni
Aman S. Kumar
Aten Kumar*
Harsh Kumar
Aditya S. Kuppa
Daehyun Kyoung*
Samuel Laberge***
Brandon Lam
Elias John Lampietti
Maria Larina*
Megan Le**
David Sungjoon Lee
Irena Lee*
Justin O. Lee
Zach Cole Leeper
Justin Tienwei Leong
Andrew Li
Caroline Jieyin Li
Conrad Frederick Li
Eric Li**
Jonathan Shin-Ru Li
Kevin Ali Li***
Meifeng Lin
Grace Yasong Liu*
Henry Liu***
Jeffrey Liu
Richard Ernie Liu*
Samantha C. Liu
Leopoldo Lopez
Andrew Luo
Peter H. Ma
John P. Mackie*
Sai Kiran Maddela***
Viraj Maddur*
Nalin Mahajan*
Mya Joyce Mahaley
Alexander Makarovskiy
Srikar Mangalapalli
Ramón Márquez
Joseph Thomas Martinez*
Joshua Robert Martinez
Lorenzo Martinez
Tyler Teelman Meador
Mariana Medina Avelar
Tejas Mehta*
Shan Khalid Memon
Fernando Mercado
Aimery Methena
Julian Meyers
Benjamin M. Miller
Brayden McKinley Miller*
Tyler Emanuel Miller
Bruce Moe*
Arnav Mohan
Raquel L. Moreno
Tyler Douglas Morton
Joseph Muffoletto
Abhinav Mugunda
David J. Mullings*
Revanth Muppana
Ryan Alexander Murray
Hussain Murtaza
Ashwanth Muruhathasan
Kennedy Alexandria Myles
Altanali Nagji*
Kenji Brandon Nakachi
Jackson Nakos**
Preston Narchetti
Kaustub Abaranan Navalady*
Varun Nayak
Sindhu Nemana
Srikanth Nemana
Nathaniel Celino Nemenzo
Angel Nevarez
Brandon Minh Nguyen
Bruce Dat Nguyen*
Don H. Nguyen
Martin Minh Nguyen
Nhat Minh Nguyen
Liam Dawson Nickell
Dorothy Xiangxue Nie
Thomas G. Norman
Sun O’Brien
Caitlin O’Callaghan
Ryan A. O’Leary
Colin Cobb O’Neill
Jeffrey U. Onyediri
Gbemiga Oyenubi
Adeet Parikh
Caleb Alexander Park**
Jay Hong Park
Ayush Patel*
Soham Patel
Felipe Paz
Thomas Peavler
Daniel John Perille***
Aidan Petratos**
Spencer Petty
Christian Pichardo
Sonya Pieklik
Alexander Polio
Kyzer Kelly Polzin
Connor Popp
Anvith Krishna Potluri
John Charles Powers
Lokesh Pugalenthi*
Kevin Xiaokai Qi
Gautham Raju
Ronak Ramachandran
Manasi Ramadurgum
Vivek Ramanathan*
Nisha Ramesh
Hrithik Ramganesh
Gregory Raper
Krithika Ravishankar
Alisha Rawal*
Pranav Rayudu
Adhan Noe Razzaque*
Nick Read
Jeremiah Reilly
Dayou Ren
Emma Reuter
Francisco Javier Reyna
Orion Reynolds
Michael Steven Richards*
Bryce Richardson
Kevin Riek
Alyssa Danielle Rodriguez
Michael Scott Rodriguez-Labarca
Emilio Rogalla
Blake Romero
Anish Roy
Soham Roy
Shane Russell*
Proma Avanti Saha
Carson Saldanha
Rishi Salem
Dillon Samra
Shakeel Samsudeen
Michelle A. Sanchez
Rey Sadan Sanchez Samper
Sage Sanford**
Shreyas Satewar
Adam Schoenberg*
Zachery B. Schulwolf
Amara Nicole Sen
Blake C. Senn
Dhruv Sethi
Uma Sethuraman
Suket Shah
Sanchith Shanmuga
Rahul Shanmugham
Akshay Sharma
Nikita Sharma
Cory Shen
Kelly Shen
William Long Shi
Ian Hyoungjin Shin
Grant Michael Shirah
Scarlett Shires
Arianna Shriftman
Joel Siew
Emma Simon
Elliot Sims*
Akash Singh
Sarthak Sirotiya
Timothy Situ
Lindsey Smyth
Addison Roger Snelling
Elizabeth Snider
Adam Richard Spiegel
Zayne Rea Sprague
Varshinee Sreekanth**
Srivatsan Srikanth
Reese Stewart
Colin Thomas Stout
James Stuedemann
Yiheng Su***
Isaiah David Suarez
Daniel Sun
Kelly Pei-Yu Sun
Mihir Manoj Suvarna
Vivian Ta
Erika Tan
Esther Yu-Sheng Tan*
Palash Taneja
Eric Tang**
Franke Tang
Yijie Tang
Ben Taylor***
Omeed Hourvash Tehrani
Sule Tekin
Abinith Thallam
Anna Thomas
Max William Thomas**
Varad Vikas Thorat
Lilly Tian**
Angel Eduardo Vega Torres
David Trakhtengerts**
Scott Tran
Ian Trowbridge**
Abbey Thu Truong
Samantha Minchien Tsai
Samantha Tuapen
Madhavan Uchani*
Sitara Uppalapati
Pranooha Veeramachaneni
Skyler Vestal**
Francisco Daniel Villegas
Cecilia Quynh Nhi Vu*
Julianne Dathao Vu
Vijay Kiran Vuyyuru
Olympia McNeill Walker*
Brian Wan*
Chris Yujie Wang***
Natalie Wang*
Lauren Marie Warhola
Stanley Wei
Nathan Michael Whyte
Tara N. Wijaya
Malithy Wimalasooriya
Matthew Winningham**
Joshua R. Wong
Yian Wong
Richard George Woodruff*
Allen Wu
Andrew Mei Wu*
Leanne Wu
Victor Minjay Xia**
Cliff Xu
Maxwell Xu**
Sizhan Xu
Sanjana Yadav
Ankit Sameer Yande
Bowen Yang
Elvin Yang
Victor Yang*
Wentao Yang
Steven Yao**
Joseph Qi-En Yeh
Andrew Yin
Esther Yoon
Jungwoong Yoon
Caleb J. Yu**
Randy Yu
Jonathan Chia-Shen Yuan
Owen Zhang**
Sarah Zhang
Timothy Zhang
William T. Zhang*
Jonathan Zhao*
Xuefei Zhao*
Vincent Zheng
Zile Zhu
Samuel John Ziegelbein***
Reed Zimmermann**
Jesse Zou

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Savannah Atchley
Alyssa Detterman
Casey Quynh-Thy Dinh
Katherine Faulkner*
Marcus Fundora
Ashlee Hernandez
Lauren A. Jones
Michael Adam Jones
Alejandro Lopez
Yobbana Anahi Lopez
Allison Kathryn McNairy
Madison Paige Rudel
Siva Schwarz
Jane Elizabeth Strobel
Leah Whiteman

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences

Zaynab Adebomi Adesokan
Montserrat Aguilera
Zehra Mishaal Ahmed
Marcus Andrew Bearden
Moriah Esther Blitz
Claire Bond
Ren Breach***
Danielle Skye Browne
Mia E. Buffington
Alexa Castro
Riya Chaudhry
Grace E. Dahl
Lily Elizabeth Davis*
Abigail Teruel De Guzman
Maxine A. Ekereuke
Amaris Anela Falcon
Caryl Tarah Faulks
Bailey Fitzhugh*
Melina Pascua Fletcher
Rosie Garza
Hallie Goodstein
Lauren Emily Gredicek**
Keyajah Mirae Hawthorne
Jannel Hayden
Ariel Head
Calista Hemarga
Isabella Hernandez*
Mallory G. Hull
Gwyneth Sloan Jefferson
Yeonsoo Jung
Micaela Kuenstler*
Garren Lorio II
Amber F. Malhi
Macy McFarlin*
Jordan Raquel Miller
Colby Nguyen
Sarah Nguyen***
Jasmine Jamileth Ordonez
Sydni T. Pham
Emily Phillips***
Gabrielle Resnick
Doran Taylor Reyes
Alejandra Rubio
Anahi Salgado
Brittany L. Sanders
Kaleigh N. Sayroo
Erin Soward
Jessica Elaine Stich
Emily Joellen Swinney
Richard Thien Tran*
Allison Sarah Twist
Hannah Tyler
Erika Ángela Vásquez
Gabriella Rose Vidana*
Savannah Nancy Vidana***
Kate Walker
Amanda Rose Werth
Bailee Nicole West

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Kathleen Elizabeth Acker
Sahithi Adduri**
Abdullah Adi
Oluwatimileh Adio
Brenda Aguado Escandon*
Faiz Ahmad
Matthew Allen**
Adriana Andrade
Shuangqi Bao
Alexis Villars Bernazzani
Brianna Black
Devin Foster Blythe
Kai Teresa Sahayam Bovik
Eli Joseph Bradley
Joseph Henry Bridges
Maya Lillian Broetje Bairstow*
Brandon Butler
Ian Campbell
Alexander George Canright
Angela Chan
Taylor Sulee Chhay
Soomin Cho**
Gregory Colonescu
Marisa E. Connolly
Riya Danait
Kushal Dandamudi*
Mayank Daruka
Mehul Daruka*
Samatha de Figueiredo
Tyler Dean
Danielle Deans*
Siddhanth Deepak*
Alexander Lee Dejong
Jesse DeJong
David Alexander Delgado
Ameya Deshmukh
Thomas Dylan Driscoll**
Christopher Ligong Duan*
Antoney Ejimadu
Talah El-Zein**
Pranav V. Eswaran
Samantha Dodge Fafard
Tia Frederick
Anish Sai Santosh Ganti
Eduardo Garcia
Marielena Garcia
Naja Ashanti Garrett
Katherine Laura Gianvecchio
Siddhant Prasanna Gogwekar
Erick E. Gracia*
Chad Anthony Graham
Joy Gu***
Mingfeng Gu
Rodrigo Guerra Leroux
Adrian Guo
Naila Hajiyeva***
Hanna L. Hakimi
Dalton Hamilton
Yixin He***
Kayla Marie Hernandez
Jacob Hinds
Brandon Hinh**
Raymond Hong**
Abdullah Hossain
Dean Christian Hottmann
Shaojie Hou
John Houghteling
Antonio Huerta
Taha Ismail
Anand Iyer**
Beatrix Rwby Jackman
Craig Jaffe
Ethan Jana
Nihal J. Jere
Wenxuan Jiang**
John Jin*
Kevin Jin
Elise Johnson
Kevin Joseph
Rohith Karkala
Riya Kattumenu
Brandon J. Kelly
Ajith Kemisetti
Nafiul “Nafi” Khandaker
Ali Muhammad Khowaja
Ethan Joo-Hwan Kim
Luis Y. Kim
Philip Kim
Veronica Ilse King**
Grant Edward Kluber
Jeremy Krill
Harsh Kumar
Francisco Lara
Ethan J. Lee
Hannah Lee***
James Yudhistira Lemuel*
Noe Leon
Ryan Edward Hardesty Lewis*
Shuo Lian
Alex Lin
Marilyn Lionts
Henry Liu***
Ruiqi Liu**
Kiet Vi Luan
Cameron R. Madden
Viraj Maddur*
Nalin Mahajan*
Alexander Makarovskiy
Makynlie Ryanne Martin
Alexa Mauldin
Harrison McEnturff
Ian McIntosh*
Austin McRae
Shahiq Haider Memon
Wali Mian
Muhammad Mohseen
Thomas Moler
Landry Moore
Lucas Patrick Moynihan
Grace Mulry*
Mark A. Munoz
Abhisaradev P. Murmu
Altanali Nagji*
Preston Narchetti
Nishanth Navali
Anisha Sneha Navendra
Varun Nayak
Benjamin Edward Nederveld
Srikanth Nemana
Diem Hong Nguyen
Jacee Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
Jay Nguyen
Liam Dawson Nickell
Luis Nino Medina
Adam Norwitz
Jeonghee Oh
Ebony Ameze Theresa Ojo
Bing Ou
Abdulateef Folajimi Oyegbefun
Jung Pao
Raymond J. Park
Aditya Mandeep Patel
Soham Patel
Ethan Paugh**
Andrew Pease
Ryan Phi-Hung Pham
Rohan S. Potru
Andy David Pottinger
Ronak Ramachandran
Vivek Ramanathan*
Dayou Ren
Carmen Rocha
Cindy Rodriguez
Abraham Israel Roseman
Soham Roy
Ruben D. Ruiz-Barriga
Neha Sathyanna
Harini Shanmugam
Rahul Shanmugham
Tom Shemmer
Cory Shen
Aanya Shrivastava
Samar Siddiqui
Caroline Snell*
Ethan Sollenberger
Vincent Solon***
Haelynn Son
Elizabeth Sonia*
Adithya N. Sreenivasan*
Sanya Srivastava
Michael C. Stinger
Steven Kyle Stolz
Nethra Subramanian
Esther Yu-Sheng Tan*
Eric Tang**
Lingyu Tian
Chris Tran
Joshua Chantharaj Tran
Anna Trishina
Minh Hoa Truong
Gerardo Daniel Villalobos*
Andrew Wang
Peiran Wang
Stanley Wei
Joshua R. Wong
Yina Longting Wu
Yu Xia
Wentong Xing*
Ziming Xu
Haoze Yan**
Chenhui Yang
Daniel Yang**
Hao Yang
Wentao Yang
Zehua Yang
Steven Yao**
Yitong Yao
Thomas Ye
Corey Jiachuan Zhang
Jun Zhang**
Kejia Zhang
Wenting Zhang
Yufan Zhang
Yuning Zhang*
Bronson Zhou
Yongye Zhu*
Samuel John Ziegelbein***
Ruiqi Zou

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Michelle Yugen Chang
Micah Reign Butterfly Francis
Rafael A. Garcia
Janika JaRhae Harris
Sarah Catherine Hatcher
Miranda Hernandez
Emily T. Kha
Shanjeev Kukaruban
Huong Nguyen Xuan Le**
Joanna H. Lee***
Ryan McGann
Chelsea Rohrman
Eswar Sivakumar
Logan Stock
Kristine Wang

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Ryan Adapathya
Luis Martin Ainslie Jr.
Wail Aldahni
Eva Beckett**
Adetutu Bodede
Emily Anne Breach**
Erin Brill*
Natalia Cantu
Mario Lenin Carrera III
Matthew Benton Cartwright
Tarun Cherukuri*
Vidya Rohini Choutagunta Naga
Madeleine Cope
Kayla Daly
Thomas Huy Dang***
Jenna Alicia Dent
Julia Carine Maria Deutz
Natalie Reese Dezso**
Aleks Edinger
Jane De Doliete Eichorn
LuLu Eisenberg
Brooke Engelhardt
Kathy Escobar
Maria P. Favela
Allison Greer
Aaron Hardman
Cody C. Harmeier
Cristhy Herrera Ureña
Afzal Jakir*
Priya Kale
Nour El Hoda Mohaned Kassem*
Shreya Krishna Kumar
Anna Katharina Kutschinski
Allison Kathryne Lau
Karen Wei-Tin Lee
Albert Lo Lin
Krishi Manem
Emily Britton May
Ashlyn McKnight
Roya Moradi
Zachary R. Moss
Shubhi Nanda
Adrienne Caresse Nguyen
Khanh Kieu Nguyen**
Chuu Chuu Nyan
Elizabeth Lee Oldenburg
Raiyan I. Osman
Megan Ouellette
Arya Patel
Keerthana Raghuraman
Evelyne Ramirez
Arshia Riaz
Ally Brooke Roetzer**
Anjali Maria Senthilnathan**
Elice Jooryn Shin
Michael Solomon*
Andrew Spires*
Paige Stetson**
Jill Straetker
Alvin Ta*
Ivana Tieu*
Brandon A. Truong
Aneesha Vadde
Radhika Vatsa
Sean A. Vidacovich
Maya Kayla Webb**
Sonu Yadav
Kirsten Masue Yanagi
Ivan Zambrano

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Maryam Amin
Isabella Arjona
Isaiah Beamon
Allie Michelle Bickart*
Rachel Brooke Burrows
Eduardo Alexis Castro
Isabella Rae Cavazos
Kaylee Alexis Chavez
Gabriella Nicole Colon
Cara Lou V. Duka
Haley Nicole Etzler***
Abigail Flaherty
Kristin Elise Fogt
Heather Kathleen Goldbeck
Katherine Ann Grey
Alaisa Guereca
Haylie Stefanova Hadjiev
Claire Hedlund
Nicole Alyssa Hernandez
Ivanna Hinojosa
Claire Hiu
Taylor Jasek
Divya Kashyap*
Emily Sanford Kinsella
Caroline Marie Krafcheck
Justina Le
Brook Livecchi
Mariana Lozano Garza
Kendall Brooke Lyons
Ellie Martin
Treyce Edison Money
Angelica Montes
Maison Briley Mote*
Kaitlyn Nicole Nguyen
Jean Nie
Amanda Marie Parra
Damini Patel
Riley Kathleen Perugini***
Patricia Eloise Pfluger
Isabella Maria Pimentel
Tiffany Danielle Purl
Abby Elizabeth Randecker
Sarah Emily Rashdan
Gillian Grace Richardson
Giselle Rivera
Alejandra Rocha
Kate Elizabeth Rooney
Christa Alize Rosas
Lauren Sartin
Ridah A. Siddiqui
Sharmaine Mae Sison
Anette M. Sosa
Chloe Renee Stilwell
Doug Tolman
Jane Uduji*
Mia J. Vargas
Annie Wang
Kristen Chang Yan
Michelle Yeung
Alysanna Zavitsanos

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Sam D. Barber
Vaishnav Bipin
Jesús A. Botello-Esquivel
Randolph Shemwell Brockman
Timothy J. Candel**
Sergio Castillo
Zilei Chen
Lauren Cotton
Reymundo Crisostomo
Khusbu Rakesh Dalal
Isaac De Hoyos
Thomas Dylan Driscoll**
Seth A. Fellers
Holland Frieling**
Jonathan Steven Bernard Geymer
Nathan V. Godinez
Sree Gudala**
Luke Isaiah Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez
Abriana Joy Fernandez Himantog
Vincent Hochstein
John Houghteling
Isaac Daniel Huegel
Tiffany Nicole Huff
Rishad Islam*
Stephan Jabs
Shahin Jahanbani***
Tanten Jones
Eric Andres Juarez
Aadhithya Kannan
Nafiul “Nafi” Khandaker
Benjamin Lawrence-Sanderson
Brandon Lazard
Myles Joseph Ledet
Kiet Vi Luan
Jake Pritchard Magee
Morgan Elizabeth Mantsch
Erick Guadalupe Martinez
Shawn Meyer
Caleb Miller
Aryavir C. Munshi
Neel Nagarajan
Christina Negrete-Montero
Daniel Nguyen
Ethan A. Nolen
Ryan Thomas Nowicki
Will Pajak**
Raul A. Passement
Priyanshi Kanubhai Patel
Quinlin Sandefer
Aniket Sanghi***
Rachael Seidel
Julian Austin Cleve Sennette
Aditya Sharma
Justin Richard Skweres*
Dylan Alexander Smith
Samuel Swafford
Jonathan Daniel Karee Tebo
Da Teng
Laynee Ashton Tourne-Morton
Chance Ueckert
Alejandro J. Villalon
Emily Lauren Wade
Kaile Wang*
Zhongyuan Wang
Scott Stephen Williams
Emma Yang*
Sabiha Younus
Alan J. Zavala

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Oluwatobi Adebisi
Sunbola Oluwapelumi Adesanya
Nelly Akhmadikina**
Sara Duraid Alawe
Jeremiah J. Alderete
Anahi Alvarez Amaro*
Lillian Anthony
Camille Alyssa Arredondo
Maleni Arredondo Jimenez
Babette Asamoah
Emily Faith August
Elsabet Tilahun Ayalew
Piper Madison Beasley
Jacqueline Elizabeth Bernal
Ria Bhasin
Taylor Roter Boquiren
Sophia A. Broadhurst
Han Bui
Alyssa Chastity Carmona
Nadia Sofia Carrillo Bastos
Alfonso Antonio Trinidad Castaneda
Lara Chahadeh
Shilpaa Chandrasekar
Stephen Chen**
Saisinzita Cheruvu
Eliza Cinca
Michelle Alexa Covarrubias
Cloey Katelyne Crouch***
Sam Darby
Aarya A. Desai
Riya Desai
Lidiya Desta
Sahaj R. Dhungana
Chloe Isabelle Dinh
Nicole Tram-Anh Do
Paityn Lanee Edwards
Giselle Lindsey Estrada
Louisa Estrella
Laverne Etuk
Maddie Layne Flowers
Valerie Chen Foster
Matthew Thomas Galvez
Anvi Gowri Ganna
Tamara Garza
Cyril J. George
Molly Morgan George
Shehza Ghaffar
Abigail Rose Glasberg
Madison Goldberg
Jazmin Alexandra Gonzalez
Pragnya Sai Guduru
Noah Barron Haas
Leahana Haberman
Jacob Bartlett Harris
Sana Hasan
Paola Alejandra Hernandez
Kathryn Danica Hok**
Jazzmyn Jade Hollister
Jaanhavi Honnavalli
Alyssa Horrell
Esmerelda Lucille Houston
Aileen Hu
Jessie Hui
Nabiel Hussain
Andrew Minh Khoa Huynh
Huong Ninh Huynh
Charles Chinaemelum Igwe
Leslie Omolaluimen Imafidon
Miriam Sivan Jaime
Kayla Arriale Jeffries
Sofia Sarahí Jimenez
Morgan Johnson
Chynna Jade Jones
Abbigail Leah Joy
Lina Kamal Jubreel
Harsharndeep Kaur
Austin Aaron Kemp
Kara Nicole Kiest
Elliot Kim
Sarang Kim
Leah Elisabeth Klein
Isabella Marie Kneeland
Charlotte A. L’Amie
Maanasa Sainaga Lanka***
Alex Lao
Collin Lawrence
Quynh N. Le
Hyemin Lee
Youngbin Lee
Maria Paula Leiva Albarracin
Lulia Leul
Arthur Levy
Nivedha Loganathan*
Mirabelle Long
Kelley Brianna Lopez
Zoey Lu**
Claudia Luong
Alia Madrigal
Akhil Mandalapu***
Belle Marley
Abigail Martinez
Sarah Mayberry**
Madeline Rose McGuire
Shivani Sameer Mehta
Marley Messer
Diya Krunal Mistry
El-Shymaa Yasser Mohamed
Nida Naeem Momin
Lakshita Sushil Motwani
Anna Mudumala
Pallavi Muraleedharan*
Vivek Krishna Mynam
Divya Nagarajan
Hershitha Nallapareddy**
Rahul Nanduri*
Nithya Priya Narayana**
Anish Jaitly Nayak***
Binh (Jessica) Nguyen**
Elizabeth Thao Nguyen
Holly Cao Nguyen
Jennifer Ngoc Nguyen
Katie Mai Nguyen
Philong Nguyen
Thao P. Nguyen
Rachael C. Nolen
Judith Isioma Nwalie
Marilyn Chidera Nwora
Itohan Evelyn Odeh
Paola Olascoaga
Ayotoluwafunmi Osunsade
Sean Paiboonfungfuang
Anjali Prakash Patel
Anjali V. Patel**
Armand Patel
Bunsri H. Patel
Karina Patel
Nidhi Patel
Nupur Patel
Rheanna Bhupendra Patel
Siya Santosh Patil
Edwin Joseph Paul
Nina Verniceea Pope
Jyotsnaa Krishi Pradeep
Ishani Siddharth Purohit
Jude Isabelle Quaddumi
Danna Quiriarte Garrido
Danial Qureshi
Sneha Rajendran*
Manasa Ramesh
Anayancy Ramos
Pareesa Amani Razzak
Reenu Renny
Hamna Riaz
Carolina Rios
Tazmeen B. Rizvi
Zharria Robinson
Mei Wong Robson
Nondisha Sarkar
Kaleb Seyoum
Muskan Kaivant Shah
Simran K. Shah**
Kareena Kaur Shokar
Zachary James Shrull
Nadia Ajaz Siddiqui
David Angel Silva Jr.
Marissa R. Simmons
Ruth Elizabeth Park Simpson
Ariana Solot
Kate Stubbs*
Stephanie A. Sulvaran
Tsion Teffera
Pranav Thiagarajan
Lauren Renee Threadgill
Medha Divya Tirumalai
Sydney Renee Tischler
Sofia Tovar
Laila Tucker
Madison Lee Twomey
Madeline Grace Underwood
Veda J. Velamuri
Michelle Verastegui
Joshua Isabelo Villalobos
Nitin Volety
Chumeng Wang**
Zeeshawn Wani*
Skye Whiteleather Waterland
Lucy Watson-Cook
Aaron Michael Wheat
Ethan Williams
Yasmine N. Williams
Jake Woods
Lok-bong Jerry Yuen
Brianna Zhao

Bachelor of Science in Textiles and Apparel

Peace Aiyegoro**
Grace Danielle Baird
Nicolas J. Buonincontri
Connor Burns
Andrea Castro
Jimini Chae
Melanie Che**
Sloane Davis
Jesus Del Real
Emma Donaldson
Emma Bucheli Faidley***
Victoria Francisca Flores
Alyssa D. Garcia
David Alexander Garcia
Sydney George
Asha Divya Gorjala
Samantha Kieffer
Alexa Elizabeth Klein
Vincent Luu
Vanessa Mendoza
Katie Miller*
Louisa Michelle Nash
Rita Nassif
Danielle Nicole Nicely
Elise Ann Payne
Chloé Perry
Sydney L. Pulaski
Samantha Ramirez*
Ethan Robert Ramos
Austin M. Reyna
Isabel Dorothy Sitar
Lauren Mallory Smith*
Emily Stroud
Emma Tanner
Allison G. Teague
Joseane Eclair Tejada
Brenna Elizabeth Traa
Jacob Tien Tran
Gabriela Vergara
Camille Willett*

Congratulations from everyone in the College of Natural Sciences!

Your new relationship with the college begins today. We are proud to count you among the valued members of our alumni community. Stay In Touch: Please visit and connect with career resources, events, and friends from the College.

Flash Photography provides free color proofs to each graduate. Proofs are mailed to the permanent address within two weeks of graduation. If you do not receive your proof, or if you wish to place your order by phone or email, please contact Flash Photography at 1-800-410-8070 or at

A special thanks to all of the staff who have gone above and beyond to make today’s ceremonies possible: Audrey Nissly, Blanca Martinez, Briana Denham, Carolyn Lum, Catherine Mason, Chantal Cardona, Chris Connelly, Christina Christiansen-Hedge, Cortni Williams, Deanna Tilley, Heather Leigh, Jackson Brown, Jacob Barrios, Jane Shaughness, Jayvin Patel, Jennifer McHam, Jill Lawler, Karen Weems, Kendall Hoes, Kim Love, Kylie Scribano, Laurel Davis, Lindsey Petterson, Liz Haggadone, Lizzie Peña, Marco Trejo, Martha Morales, Melissa Aleman, Olivia Biehle, Supna Sharma, Timothy Myers and Vickie Van Osten.

Candidates for graduation and honor designations announced at this ceremony are subject to change pending completion of coursework and final computation of grade point average by the Office of the Registrar.

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CNS Afternoon Graduation Ceremony