Insectum: A Sonic Exploration of the World of Arthropods

Insect in Membracidae family (typical treehoppers) by Alex Wild

An insect in the Membracidae family (typical treehoppers). Photo by Alex Wild.

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Cost: $30 general, $15 students
Composer Graham Reynolds, percussionist Susie Ibarra and cellist Jeffrey Ziegler share a modern composition inspired by the world of arthropods.


Enjoy the world premiere of “a sonic exploration of the resilience and beauty of the world’s oldest living multicellular creatures: arthropods.” The music of “Insectum” was inspired in part by insights gained in an entomology course with UT Austin curator of entomology Alex Wild. Wild and Jo-anne Holley, a fellow UT entomologist and associate professor of practice, played a part as consultants in bringing the album to life.

  • 6 pm: Join in an entomological discussion before the performance
  • 7 pm: Enjoy a public performance of the music of “Insectum”


KFMA Studios