University Honors Day Ceremony

Honors Day
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Event starts at this time 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Cost: Free
Student honorees and their guests will gather to celebrate their achievements at a university-wide ceremony.


Hosted by President Hartzell, the ceremony will take place at the Moody Center on the UT Austin campus. UT professor Moriba Jah will serve as the Honors Day speaker

Each scholar attending the ceremony will receive a set of honors cords that can be worn with academic regalia at Commencement. Distinguished College Scholars are also awarded a medallion onstage during the ceremony. 

In keeping with tradition, the UT Tower will be lit orange on Saturday, April 15, to celebrate the 2023 College and Distinguished College Scholars.

Honors students and their families are invited to attend both this event and the CNS Honors Day Celebration, but you may choose to attend just one or the other. Find more details here.


Moody Center