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The College and its Departments, research units, faculty and students offer quality podcasts and audio programs about science and education. Some are also broadcast on radio stations in Texas and around the country.


Point of DiscoveryPoint of Discovery
Behind every scientific discovery is a scientist (or 12) and a story. “Point of Discovery” takes you on a journey beyond WHAT we know to HOW we know it. Along the way, listeners will meet the sometimes quirky, always passionate people whose curiosity unlocks hidden worlds.
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SATSScience and the Sea
Science and the Sea is a weekly radio program produced by the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. It provides entertaining stories and activities that teach about the marine world and even convey how scientists approach, and ultimately solve, some of the oceans' mysteries.
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StarDate is the public education and outreach arm of UT Austin's McDonald Observatory. The StarDate radio program airs daily on more than 300 stations and the StarDate bimonthly magazine is the perfect skywatching companion for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in celestial events and space exploration.
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The Other Side of Campus logoThe Other Side of Campus
Jen Moon, an assistant dean in the College of Natural Sciences and faculty member in the Biology Instruction Office, co-hosts the official podcast of the Provost's Teaching Fellows, where the focus in each conversation is about strategies for effective teaching and inclusive classrooms that support every student.
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