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DIY Pre-PT Student Planning Guide

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pre-PT Student Planning Guide & Self Assessment document provides important resources for UT Austin students planning on applying to Physical Thereapy school. We are currently updating this document right now and it will be back soon.  

Prerequisites & Time Line

Stress Management Resources





Research PT Schools Before You Apply!

Application Services


  • As of 2016 all of the Texas PT Schools listed in our advising aid except University of St. Augustine are using PTCAS
  • See the other schools individual school admissions web pages for application instructions
  • Some PT schools have secondary applications and fees. Review the PTCAS Directory or contact the institution directly to obtain supplemental instructions or application. 

PT Observation Hours

PT Observation Hours

Carefully review the program pages for important information about the PT observation requirements. PTCAS does not determine if you have completed the appropriate number of hours for a particular program.

  • Make sure to read up on how to properly report your observation hours on PTCAS and figure out which PT setting to select when you are filling out your application. 

Letters of Recommendation

Make sure to check out the letter of recommendation requirements for programs participaing in PTCAS, before you make a decision on who to ask for a reference. 

Electronic letter

You should enter only their e-mail addresses and leave the mailing address fields blank. Inform the evaluators to expect an e-mail from PTCAS Messenger ( with instructions and login information for an online reference form. PTCAS will send this e-mail to your evaluators as soon as you save their information on your PTCAS application, regardless of whether you have e-submitted your final application

Hard Copy Letter

PTCAS no longer accepts hard-copy (paper) letters of reference.

Personal Statements

The personal statement is a critical component of your application to PT school, as the personal statement can either significantly help or harm your chances for success, it is important to take it seriously. The statement must be personal. This is your chance to let the Admissions Committee hear from you and understand who you are. Take advantage of the opportunity to express your commitments, motivations and values

Pre-Physical Therapy Resources